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  1. Natal alienation is denial of the ability to trace lineage. Slaves that were forced on to the middle passage and into the America's don't know their ancestors and have no way of tracing it.
  2. Nothing is really unique and viable on the docket right now IMO. TPP is going to be most peoples go-to PTX DA.
  3. Unique DA's with strong link stories are always better than generic DA's. However, unique DA that no one has heard of =/= a guaranteed win. The best DA's are case specific. It comes down to what you think you can give the best 2nr on. If you feel like you are a wiz-kid at prez power then do it.
  4. OP asked for "best policy oriented teams." Thats why some teams that are really good werent listed.
  5. tl32501


    1. Budget reform was passed by the house and the senate2. Mitch McConnell refuses to let a stand alone ex-im bill on to the floor of the senate. It could be a rider on the HTF bill 3. The people advocating for currency reform are to busy on the campaign trail to show up and lobby a bill in congress Also, why the downvote?
  6. tl32501


    The most used impact scenario will be that the HTF is key to highways and infrustructure which is key to economic competiveness.
  7. tl32501


    highway trust fund is a pretty viable scenario for politics
  8. What is everyone liking in terms of policy affs?
  9. Now that the season is under way, what are some of the coolest, best, or most obscure affs y'all have hit?
  10. The Program is no longer working for me. It says preparing to download but it doesn't do anything beyond that point. Help please
  11. tl32501

    Idaho debate

    I thought Idaho had never qualified a Policy team to the TOC
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