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  1. Wouldn't that just be a shunning K?
  2. specifically, I was wondering about this in regards to a heg loss DA linked to a venezuela aff, in light of some recent transpirations in Venezuela. so, it'd be something like (read in the 1nc): Link: increased ee with venezuela=decreased US credibility; decreased US credibility=decreased US heg (some sort of impact) Alt: Decrease ee with venezuela. I guess I'm just trying to find a way to read an alternative without having to actually get into the logistics of cp plan text. And that's where the absurdity of this question comes in i guess. Like, do I actually have to run a full-blown cp?
  3. ok, so this is probably a supes stupid question, but would a non-unique da with an alternative (framed like a K) be legit? Or would you just have to concede presumption, lay out impacts of the squo and plan, and run a cp?
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