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  1. Not a huge fan of "online communities" like this, but I'm gonna resurrect my account for a quick second because I cannot stand when people trash on my siblings. This year, Jon is as good, probably better, than me. He's currently debating with an 8th grader with absolutely zero debate experience, and he absolutely steamrolls teams that annihilate South and OES on the regular. Not taking away from Soren and Cyrus, but I don't see them beating teams with 5,6 bids. Henry and Leo are both very very good, but Jon is, without a doubt, individually better. Idk if you don't do logic or are just a hater, but Jon and Kacie almost never lose to either South or OES. I know they aren't going to the TOC and whatnot, but also realize that Clackamas goes to one bid tournament a year. South took half a dozen tournaments to get two bids, and OES pretty consistently gets trolled in triples, if they even make it there. And at zag, Jon and Kacie lost their bid round to basically the best team on the west coast. ^^^^This There's a bunch of factual inaccuracies in here, but the main point is 100% true. Jon works incredibly hard, and as a result, he's incredibly good. Did you know Jon has a speech disorder and had years of speech therapy to over come it, but still practices so hard that he's fast even for the college circuit? Didn't think so. Also, Jon and I learned debate without any coach (we taught ourselves). Most kids learn by having an experienced debater helping them with nuances - Jon learns purely through watching rounds online and trial and error. He's also a genius with his argument diversity- I doubt anyone else in oregon reads the full range of ortho marx, anti-blackness, intralocality, ptix, virilio, schlag, security, t&y, heg throwdowns, framework, performance, etc., let alone takes the time to actually read and master the literature behind them. I'm not saying that Jon and Kacie will win every round and state and the whole world or whatever. But don't give them less credit than they deserve. Also, its all good and fine to talk about debate online and rank people or whatever. But intentionally saying "so and so sux and are actually way overrated" is a pretty low blow and is not conducive to a healthy debate community. If anything, stupidity like that is the reason why Oregon policy debate was non-existent until very recently.
  2. Delay CPs k2 real world policymaking Yee 15 cross-x forums "Cuba terror aff: solved" I'm pretty sure Obama actually delay CP'd to avoid the midterms disad. Actually.
  3. I'm planning to continue policy debate in college (this is assuming they'll even let me to go to tournaments...), but I'm wondering whether anyone has any experiences/advice to share. I'll probably be studying bio (not exactly the most friendly major for debate), but I'm hoping I'll have enough time for both. Also, if anyone knows anything about policy at either Cornell or Dartmouth, that'd be nice. It won't affect which one I choose, but I know almost nothing about debate at either school - the information I've found so far isn't too helpful.
  4. Ok so time to resurrect this thing Can everyone post who quals to state out of their district? That way we can have a running list. We have: Lake Oswego GT Clackamas LL Clackamas HM
  5. noooooo y u do this to me
  6. Having seen SMRs run on my circuit, I can say that you have a lot of better options than spending... Heg turns Prolif Turns Security Environment DA Solvency (if you think about it, that aff's timeframe is probably indefinite given the approval process) Military CP Terror DA Ptix or Russia SOI even It probably links into most generic args, and all it takes is half-an-hour of searching openev/backfiles
  7. and you've been reading otec... If you really wished that the circuit would progress, then you'd just quietly start reading different strats and not complain about it. A bunch of teams have been trying to read some cool stuff this year - you just haven't been around to see them. Like I've been reading my virilio and psychoanalysis affs along with the occasional performance on neg, and we've lost 4 rounds this whole year in Oregon. Lake O specializes in Heidegger and Baudrillard. And other teams have at least tried, as seen by the proliferation of 1-off cap/anthro/fem/deep ecology/biopower neg strats. Not to mention South Eugene, which is undefeated reading exclusively DnG on both aff and neg So can I challenge you to do something - stop complaining about this stuff in online forums and acting like jerks to everyone else because they're "far behind," and just read the arguments you want? If you truly feel like you're that good at "being progressive," then you'll be able to do whatever you want and be fine with it.
  8. Exactly the reason why we're not reading it anymore But it does have an 7-0 record btw. Undefeated (somehow)
  9. It's because of that chronopolitics aff. It's so fast that it seems slow
  10. So I take 2/3 of the most untopical affs? And Archetypes was totally topical - it literally affirmed the rez word for word (you know, when you ignored that it was a terrible aff)
  11. lol btw I'm the 2N also and tbh the 1N is probably the make-or-break for a neg strat
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