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  1. Were exactly is the folder created? The program says it downloaded all of the files, but I'm not sure where it downloaded... I'm running Mavericks on a mac
  2. CX: DA Is your no risk of meltdown card specific to Cuba? CP Why is the CP abusive? Are there still some restrictions on travel to Cuba? Ag Why does having a lot of authors writing about Cuban agriculture prove that it's not a myth? T Is an economic incentive the same as economic engagement? China/Influence You said the link is non-unique for the China turn, does this mean that the plan doesn't crowd out China?
  3. Well that's implied from the definition of increase. To make greater in number implies that there is an existing number.
  4. 5 Off then case in the order of Solvency, Ag, Collapse, Influence, and Russia 1NC.docx
  5. CX: 1. List of all the impacts? 2. Does the plan remove the entire embargo? 3. The Dickerson evidence says that loosening the embargo would be sufficient to solve, correct? 4. Your Guardian evidence says that organiponics are unlikely to disappear even with the embargo, so why is the plan necessary? 5. What's the timeframe for your terrorism impact? 6. Your Perez evidence says that the U.S. needs to rely on diplomatic efforts to prevent increased Chinese influence in the region, does this implicate that the plan exactly must be passed? Can any other diplomatic efforts prevent increased Chinese influence in the region?
  6. ace007dm

    Root Cause

    I disagree. In general, the 2AC should position the 1AR in a way that the 1AR can handle any tricks that the block pulls pretty well without having to read too many new cards. So the 2AC should be preempting and anticipating any block tricks. If you only answer the arguments made in the shell, you're going to be in a bad shape in the 1AR.
  7. yeah definitely...i mean it'll just be a waste of my time debating this haha but yeah, introna sounds a lot like anthro, what makes it different?
  8. I can't handle introna...idk what it even is you win how should've I handled introna...this is the first time i've even heard of the k
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