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  1. adchavez4

    How to debate framework better

    terror disad against islamophobia..?
  2. adchavez4

    JaredC(aff)vs.MArtyP neg

    You cannot look a Mestizo-Latino or Afro-Latino in the eye and tell them that they are treated less opressive than a Caucasian Spaniard.
  3. adchavez4

    JaredC(aff)vs.MArtyP neg

    Hispanics are those who speak spanish. Caucasian spanish persons are not the red body which the aff is refering to. Latinos live in Latin America which include the carribean islands, and brazilians. Using both interchangably means that you exclude Brazil, who are Latino, but not Hispanic. Those in the Iberian Peninsula might be Hispanic, but not latino. Equatorial Guinea is a Hispanic country. Most people in Equatorial Guinea identify as Black, not as Red/Mestizo. It's never right to use them interchangelably.
  4. adchavez4

    JaredC(aff)vs.MArtyP neg

    *Latino Hispanic refers to language. Latino refers to geography.
  5. adchavez4


    Went last year.. It was decent I guess. I'd recommend going elsewhere though. Within MNDI+extension week budget, I think GDI would be right for you.
  6. adchavez4

    Tokolosche K

    I actually may be able to scan the book and cut it myself if you're interested.
  7. adchavez4

    Tokolosche K

    It's in Wilderson's memoir "Incognegro". The pages are around 138-140. I was thinking of cutting, but there is no pdf version, so the only way to do it is to type everything out or hand cut it.
  8. Whoops forgot to respond. To answer your question: swing lab is about $4,800 and will be paying a total of $2,750. I got $1,800 off and switched to a partial meal plan(lunch and dinner, no breakfast) and that's where I got the other $250 off.
  9. adchavez4

    GDI/CNDI Swing Lab

    lol yeah I feel you bro. I don't know much about their teaching methods anyway..
  10. adchavez4

    GDI/CNDI Swing Lab

    The lab leaders are literally all the same for the swing lab, only difference is the campus you're in, plus the two tournaments you get in at each camp. The website says that you get the same lab leaders and swing labmates throughout all of camp. I'm highly thinking of doing it but idk I'm waiting on umich to see if i get financial aid/scholarship money to attend their camp.
  11. adchavez4

    GDI/CNDI Swing Lab

    What are your concerns with it?
  12. Got a pretty decent amount of money off(udl+merit scholarship so i pay $3000) Should I attend? Thoughts, opinions, comments?
  13. I don't think they've accepted anyone yet.... Lol.... Anyways, I applied about a week ago and Aaron Kall sent out an email saying first wave of students accepted into 7 week will be February 1st so do not fear. My record when applying was 25-18 :/. Reguardless, like many others have said, it's all a matter of lab placement. Good luck!
  14. adchavez4

    Best camps on East Coast?

    You should do DDI, Umich, Georgetown.
  15. adchavez4

    Social constructionism aff?

    I hit Mona Shores at gbx and they ran some underwater biospehere aff where they had artificial womb create babies. Their arg was that these humans are not socially constructed so they do not follow societal "norms", etc...