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    Shortest Shadow

    By Alenka ZupanÄiÄ? In debate that work is used to make a doubling argument... It's on Evazon
  2. lolwut5

    Fem K reading

    Kind of hard to give a good answer—many ways you could take it (ecofeminism, irigaray, lesbian separatism, black feminism, gender performativity/butler) if you have any idea what angle you want to spin it, it would be easier to help you.
  3. Clarification: the Terror scenario is isolated from the US China Taiwan War.
  4. Sorry this took so long... my brain is not functioning tonight
  5. will go for either aff or neg. policy aff. critical neg. PM me.
  6. lolwut5

    Big affs

    predicting this will be big next year
  7. That is helpful, thank you Charlie. Resistance and Debate (at least the wordpress site I got) is mainly one long rebuttal of a certain debater's thesis (which critiqued Dr. Brinkley's doctoral thesis). However, Contemporary Argumentation in Debate is actually quite helpful, and I am looking at it at the moment. Are there any other publications along that vein that you could refer me to? again, I sincerely appreciate the help.
  8. Hello y'all, I am researching academic publications that study policy debate, and specifically I am looking for any sort of data/research/empirics on marginalized group's participation/success in policy debate (eg. my ideal article would be a somewhat recent survey of the structural trends preventing lower income/disabled/black/queer/female from the same kind of participation/success affluent white males enjoy in the activity with data and context on that situation) that I can use for evidence. In fact, it doesn't necessarily have to be a peer reviewed source, but then it ought to come from a qualified source. I noticed that community familiar Dr. Shanara Reid-Brinkley has been published in a journal called Argumentation and Advocacy by the American Forensics Association, which does contain some useful articles, but are either a.) not in the context of competitive debate or b.) decades old and not relevant to the changing culture of debate. Also note that my argument is less interested in explicit theory (eg. Wilderson/Black Ontology applied to Debate) and more interested in actual data/experience. I apologize if this question has already been properly addressed on Cross-x, however I could not find it. Best and appreciate the help, Lolwut5
  9. OMG they sang Killer Mike's Reagan... *RESPECT*
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