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  1. will trade for a good generic cp that's new (ie people dont have good answers). have lots of stuff. pm me.
  2. Howdy y'all... I was wondering if anyone had great cites or ev that answered 'realism inevitable' in the realm of human nature or ingrained into the logic of states, besides something general like Rivkin. General answers to realism/offensive realism are also welcome Like answering this card for example (below) Thanks in advance y'all! Realism inevitableThayer, 04 (Bradley Thayer has been a Fellow at the Belfer Center for Science and International Affairs at the Kennedy School of Government at Harvard University and has taught at Dartmouth College and the University of Minnesota, Darwin and International Relations: On the Evolutionary Origins of War and Ethnic Conflict, University of Kentucky Press, 2004, pg. 75-76) The central issue here is what causes states to behave as offensive realists predict. Mearsheimer advances a powerful argument that anarchy is the fundamental cause of such behavior. The fact that there is no world government compels the leaders of states to take steps to ensure their security, such as striving to have a powerful military, aggressing when forced to do so, and forging and maintaining alliances. This is what neorealists call a self-help system: leaders of states arc forced to take these steps because nothing else can guarantee their security in the anarchic world of international relations. I argue that evolutionary theory also offers a fundamental cause for offensive realist behavior. Evolutionary theory explains why individuals are motivated to act as offensive realism expects, whether an individual is a captain of industry or a conquistador. My argument is that anarchy is even more important than most scholars of international relations recognize. The human environment of evolutionary adaptation was anarchic; our ancestors lived in a state of nature in which resources were poor and dangers from other humans and the environment were great—so great that it is truly remarkable that a mammal standing three feet high—without claws or strong teeth, not particularly strong or swift—survived and evolved to become what we consider human. Humans endured because natural selection gave them the right behaviors to last in those conditions. This environment produced the behaviors examined here: egoism, domination, and the in-group/out-group distinction. These specific traits are sufficient to explain why leaders will behave, in the proper circumstances, as offensive realists expect them to behave. That is, even if they must hurt other humans or risk injury to themselves, they will strive to maximize their power, defined as either control over others (for example, through wealth or leadership) or control over ecological circumstances (such as meeting their own and their family's or tribes need for food, shelter, or other resources).
  3. A lot of people have requested my cap blocks, so I thought I'd share them with the community here. Please don't PM me anymore, thanks. Cap Blocks -- GS.docx
  4. a little over, sorry 1538 1NR is T, Sea Cables, Hegemony 1NR v LOST.docx
  5. the 1nr will be up maybe tommorow, if that's ok. i'm not sure i'm ready to do it tonight
  6. 2NC is 2383 Order is the Gulli K peace out 2NC v LOST.docx
  7. T 1. when you say you meet increase, and you say "UNCLOS is vital for legal action in the EEZs", what does that even mean? 2. "Development—we use ocean spaces by establishing Exclusive Economic Zones" -- these are a legal construct. how is that a use of ocean space? 3. Donohue ev--literally says the US gets *legal rights* by acceding to UNCLOS for the minerals, not that the plan increases drilling--how is that an inherent increase in drilling? 4. your c/i--transfering and regulation of resources-- a. other affs that meet b. neg ground under said c/i? Hegemony Page ev: 1. says US restraint in Syria has been "profoundly destabilizing"-- a. does that mean we go and invade Syria? b. Syria has been pretty rough for a long time--I really can't figure out a reason America cares that Syria has an awful dictator sans humanitarianism? Like honestly what key American interests are at stake? c. Increasing US legitimacy solves this, how? Sea Cables does this advantage just shift to heg solves terrorism? IE econ turns aren't still a thing? K no questions
  8. awesome. thanks that info feldsy. sorry for this taking so long, here's the 1NC. creds to argogate for the heg ev. <3 cool aff btw. 1NC v LOST.docx
  9. hm. nevermind. i was using invisibility mode and word's word count, but i trust ya. btw, how do you access stats in the latest version of verbatim, do you know?
  10. Hegemony 1. What is hegemony, as described by the 1AC? 1. If the internal link to hegemony is based upon this idea of perceived legitimacy, a. is American power is determined by pro-American or anti-American sentiment around the world? :-/ b. Why is the plan able to overcome anti-American sentiment in say, Latin America, which has a history of animosity towards the US due to its numerous coups, or Europe, say, which is PO'd about the NSA Scandal, among other things, like why does UNCLOS suddenly reverse all of the US's legitimacy problems? 2. If your authors are funded by the military industrial complex, how can they have anything objective to say about the effects of hegemony? 3. Wolforth ev is tagged as 'empirics'--i have this cool Monteiro ev that mentions a specific number of how many more wars occur in a unipolar system, is there a number in this ev or is it just anecdotal historical examples? 4. Assuming hegemony is a good thing--doesn't UNCLOS apply un-needed (and costly) restrictions on the environmental and military actions the US Navy/private sector more broadly can undertake? 5. You say that hegemony is key to Middle Eastern stability--explain why the Iraq & Afghanistan wars happened to me. Sea Cables 1. What is the economy? 2. What's the economic downturn threshold for your Harris and Burrows ev? 3. Royal ev says "sitting governments have increased incentives to fabricate external military conflicts to create a 'rally around the flag' effect" while the Harris and Burrows ev says "The most dangerous casualty of any economically-induced drawdown of U.S. military presence would almost certainly be the Middle East" -- do we fabricate conflicts or do we pull back? 4. What is terrorism? 5. Who are the terrorists?
  11. factually, quare theory is centered in the Western Hemisphere that's what I meant, not sure what other connotations Eurocentric has for you the point is not OMG GUYS QUARE THEORY SUCKS! the point is there are flaws in existing knowledge & knowledge production because people who have the money (which is determinant of who undertakes theory) are able to work on theory in the global North (like explain how E. Patrick Johnson is going to help theorize the 2004 Asian Tsunami, for ex. ((cough cough Edgemont cough cough)) and can't address the concerns of the global South. That make sense? Nobody is wrecking anyone, it's just about refining stuff
  12. This sounds super trite, I know, but with good reason—Wenshu Lee, the author of Kuaering Queer Theory, literally goes through each stage and differential of what Kuaer represents versus Quare and Queer. You can find the article on Edgemont KX's wiki. For example, she lays out how it is transnational, for example, as opposed to a Eurocentric knowledge base. If you have a more specific question I'd love to help out. Again, not to be rude, but if you want to learn more that article is excellent.
  13. Here's my recommendation: spend the first 7 minutes of the 1NC playing snippets of Bob Marley, and then read this works every time The world is cold, and suffering is the only serious modality of existence—there is no escape from life’s horrorsCioran, 10 (Emil Cioran, Romanian philosopher, “The Book of Delusions,” p. 62) ––The desire to embrace the stars! Why are truths so cold? When rationality was born, the sun was long since shining. And rationality is not born out of the sun. ––To suffer is the supreme modality of taking the world seriously. Thus is born the conflict between the feeling of suffering, which confers an absolute value on the outside causes and the world, and theoretical perspective, arisen out of suffering, for which the world is nothing. Out of this paradox of suffering there is no escape. ––There is a region of ultimate alternatives, which ends in the simultaneous temptation of sainthood and of crime. Why is it that humanity produced more criminals than saints? If man really looked for happiness as insistently as they say, why is it that he chooses with such violent passion the downwards paths? Man respects happiness and goodness more, but is even more attracted to unhappiness and evil. Three quarters of humanity could have become sacred, if it wanted. But one cannot know, alas, who revealed it to people that there is no other life than the one in hell… ––Sainthood is the victorious struggle with time. The way in which the saint manages to kill time within himself is mind-boggling and beyond everything. To be in time means living in this everything. Time is the frame around this everything, and works as everything. Sainthood: to be beyond everything, but in and with love. How monotonous the life of saints, because they can only be saints. Sainthood: existence lived in one single absolute dimension. Saints can also hear the voices of the world; but they only speak of the pains that have become love; these are the voices of a single world. Let me turn to the music in which the worlds speak, the other worlds… ––Which solitude is the one in which the snake caresses us and licks our cheeks and our lips? How far have we distanced ourselves from being, when only the snake can be with us? ––Two things that I don’t understand: nostalgia in a stupid man, and the death of a ridiculous man. ––All men must destroy their lives. And according to the way in which they do it they call themselves winners or losers.
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