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    I also think ocean bioprospecting is a good idea for a case.
  2. obamabanana

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    Some people on my team are thinking of running aquaculture and basically you cultivate a controlled enviornment for the sealife to breed them etc. and it helps improve water quality, create a more sustainable supply to the demand of seafood, there's an economic advantage providing jobs and helping fisheries get more revenue. For ballast water (the inherency is really shaky) but every ship has a ballast tank where they fill it up with water and this tank with water helps the ship not fall over from tides. But with the water being put into the tank there are also organisms and fish in it. When the ship gets so many miles from shore of the country it is arriving to, it has to dump the tank which brings the fish into the new enviornment making them an invasive species. The solvency includes UV radiation killing the fish, switching out the water (I am not really sure on that option), or using biocides. I am not sure about this case though.
  3. I ran Venezuelan Oil (investment if Venezuela agrees to privatize PDVSA) I have hit: Cuban Embargo Closing Guantanamo Cuban oil Lifting travel ban Cuban Bananas Agriculture assistance to Cuba Mex POE Mex Border Infrastructure Mexico Renewables Mexico Aid Mexican Shale Gas Mexican Judicial Reform Mex Work Visas Legalize the drug trade Venezuelan engagement w/ Democracy reforms Venezuelan Oil Overall Venezuela engagement
  4. obamabanana

    Big affs

    I am thinking of aquaculture or ballast water treatment (something along the lines of that)
  5. I just run into a lot of "Castro Bad" or that the Cuban people hate the Castro's arguments and want change. It's a flimsy argument but I would just like to throw out there that there is a strong sense of nationalism. It is by no means a good argument but just in case, I want to put something out there when I hit the argument, which happens a lot.
  6. Does anyone have any neg cards for the Cuban embargo along the lines that the Cubans actually like their government or the Castros? Just anything talking about nationalism.
  7. I'm not sure if this will be of any help or not, and if you need it still, but this is what I have. Renewables-Poverty-Solvency .docx
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