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  1. least helpful advice ever, thanks for the fyi, not everyone has prefs locally or judges that are willing to listen to any version of their argument I think you should just try explaining your aff in a manner that would be amicable to them; if you're running into trouble debating disads I would suggest reading cards about prioritizing low magnitude/high probability impacts.
  2. Non-black people can read afropessimism lol what is this thread
  3. CapitalismIsNotCool


    had 4 bids and went 4-3 @ the TOC so not the best but i can still give some advice: I echo learning how to read a K that doesn't require too much case engagement (I'm going to disagree with a total lack of case engagement because your K should be such that you can have embedded case defense or turns utilizing the theory of the K) or a process CP that solves affs on the topic. Bigger schools will have more up-to-date and specific ev esp on the case debate as the year progresses, so it might become difficult to keep up on that level. You also should try to read a smaller aff that no links a lot of topic DA's or a K aff because you'll be more prepared to defend a smaller subset of literature which evens out ground but is also just generally strategic. Also learn creative aspects to your strategies, don't just deploy them in the way that robotic teams are used to answering. For example, my partner and I read an Orientalism K last year on the China topic that took a performative aspect surrounding debate and community building alongside the traditional reading of the K. It's hard to grasp at first, but it's equally hard for your opponents to grasp and you're at an advantage having prepped it beforehand. Being creative can go a long way, ie the arg we're rumored to have beaten Peninsula TW on was "line by line is racist" altho that wasn't necessarily it, but the strategic possibilities for creatively developing and executing args is endless and will help you so much.
  4. those aren't their actual last names; Aaron Thomas was a UMKC debater who died in a car accident out of nowhere - they wanted to use the last CEDA to honor his memory so they entered w dif last names
  5. lmao these HH DV kids are pretty stupid i've heard
  6. this a is silly arg that people don't make often, there's no way that things you do out of round can be verified nor are they particularly persuasive - it justifies the 'they were mean one debate so reject them' rhetoric. not only that, but your argument justifies saying "don't evaluate the T debate" against you because you read T-QPQ while reading an aff that wasn't a QPQ...????
  7. LOVE YOU edit: altho im still holding optimism to win edit 2: who am i kidding we suK lol we can try tho
  8. I did the 6 week swing camp and I came out a more felxible debater for it. Also if you look @ my wiki I like to think I'm also pretty good at K debate as a result of going to Cal as well. 10/10 staff
  9. i literally just came to say that i think baudrillard/the mich km factor is the worst aff/neg fuckery influencing the china topic rn
  10. all this ev defends is ~maybe~ reformism in the instance that it helps black ppl get relief from police brutality which i doubt the aff does, he still criticizes reform in all other instances
  11. we placed fourth reading an aff about transphobia @ nats that defended a plan text. so yeah it's gucci!
  12. depends on the aff, but you should most definitely be reading 1ar cards especially if you're in a 6+ off debate or something like an elections debate.
  13. this website. dying. slowly. fucking edmond north kids smh :(
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