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  1. which math symbols are you referring to? bruce fink's lacanian subject briefs the topic very thoroughly
  2. has anybody looked up what projects the respective agencies undertake when they conduct explorations and developments of the global oceans? for exploration, it really is as simple as having a global and specific application. for example, one project claimed to characterize novel scientific findings and then investigated a specific ocean basin. another project used the claim of discovering new ocean resources for bioprospecting missions around the world development is a different story. whether or not the government puts an area of water into use (k issues aside) seems to be a question for the agency alone to decide. i haven't found a court who has challenged noaa on the issue yet my team is working on a couple of affs but it seems as if the exploration ones are headed in the direction of general advantage affs where as developments are specific projects being advocated for. mind you this is all the traditional side of the topic, and i don't need to remind you what lies on the other side of that wall...
  3. lighten up y'all - this topic is scoped finely enough noaa does usfg ocean exploration and development (nixon on reorganization plans 3 & 4) :exploration as "discovery through disciplined, diverse observations and recordings of findings" (office of ocean exploration and research) :development as "systematic use of the knowledge or understanding gained from research" (office of program planning and integration) exploration is not research and development is not demonstrations. the home websites for the respective noaa subsections gives more contextual definitional constraints. the resolution acts to restrict noaa's mandate to two specific actions. a benefit of this real world interpretation is there are examples of current projects which noaa conducts and deems "ocean exploration" or "ocean development". the explanation of these projects even provide guidance on the "oceans is plural" problem. one example of this is the claim noaa makes that they increase exploration of global marine archeology by excavating one particular dive site. have faith, this topic is going to be a blast even if you prefer dictionaries, best contextual ones match the above definitions exploration is "the investigation of an unknown... part of the earth" development is "the act of making some area of... water more profitable, productive, or useful" non-military is not being characteristic of armed forces. so should NOAA nonmilitarily discover/utilize the artic, atlantic, indian, pacific, and southern oceans?
  4. maury, could you explain the card posted above?
  5. thanks all for responding any other block examples?
  6. thanks for the block MCat! thumbs up util trutil, i don't know. which is run on the circuit? sounds like the second would have been an 'anarchy' assignment? maybe both as different versions? and its an oceans aff which is weird because i thought coercion was about violence and freedom (maybe fish violence?)...
  7. i'm writing a 2ac to the statism/coercion K what are the best 2ac answers? both arguments and cards would be much appreciated if you are bored and just want to post garbage, put it someplace else
  8. the subject of the last ocean topic was marine natural resources. i'm thinking developmental discourse's framing of the oceans is similar. do we kritik the framers?
  9. dictionary.com gives the following definitions of oceans 1.the vast body of salt water that covers almost three fourths ofthe earth's surface. 2.any of the geographical divisions of this body, commonly givenas the Atlantic, Pacific, Indian, Arctic, and Antarctic oceans. 3. a vast expanse or quantity: an ocean of grass. does the resolution require the aff to increase USFG exploration/development operations in at least 2 of the 5 above listed oceans (as seemingly indicated by the second definition) or is it sufficient to simply increase in 1 as part of the "earth's oceans" (via the first definition)?
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