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  1. To anybody in the Fayettville NC area, we need judges for the Cape Fear Classic. It will be on April 10 and 11 at Village Baptist Church. Registration: https://fay.homeschooldebate.net/ Email of director: theresajones@gmail.com
  2. I was wondering if anybody had any electronic surveillance links for a biopower/biopolitics K. Something along the lines of 'the use of electronic surveillance by the state is a method of biopolitical control.' Or any foucauldian lit specifically relating to electronic surveillance. Thanks.
  3. There's been some talk of scotland seceding from the UK: http://www.npr.org/blogs/parallels/2014/03/05/286126493/independent-scotland-heres-a-primer-on-upcoming-secession-vote So how do you make this into a disad? I mean there is a lot of lit about how if scotland where to do this it would destabilize the UK and the EU so there is definitely impact. But what would the link be? US-UK relations?
  4. I debate in the homeschool debate league stoa and this year's topic is marine natural resource policy. So we where running against this novice team and they where running a ban GMO salmon aff. In they're 1AC they point out that nobody wants gmo salmon and try to pass it off a reason to ban it. In my 1NC I mostly run T and that is GMOs are man made they're by definition not natural. In his 2NC my partner runs inher and says if nobody wants GMO salmon it doesn't matter that it's legalized because nobody gonna sell it or but it. He brought up a couple of other inher points and a sig point that all it would take to bring about they're harms is for one pissed of fish farmer to release of his fish. They agreed with my arg that gmos where manmade but said it was still natural because they where organic and not robots. I said that nobody said they weren't organic it's just by our def of natural resources natural meant found in nature therefore manmade was not natural. they said 'well by that def nothing manmade is natural! my coat or this table is not natural!' Well no crap it's not! They're response to the inher arg was that because nobody wants gmos is the reason we need to ban them. Talk about circular logic. They also said 'Well judge debates about gmos have been going on for 17 years! We need to stop these debates because debates are a wast of time!' LOL! So basically they admitted they were not T or inher and tried to use that as an arg of why they were T and inher. They also dropped all of our disads and our sig point in the 1AR. Yeah we won that round.
  5. So this one judge in the oral crit after the round said I looked like Jack Black. Hence my username.
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