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  1. I think the big question we're all asking ourselves here is, "Why did Nick Massa read two advantages (heg and info overload) that both have an ISIS impact?"
  2. While we're on the subject of memes solving problems, I cut a couple of cards at camp about memes solving ISIS as an answer to the Internet bad disad. Enjoy. Memes ISIS Mod.docx
  3. Best team: SME BP Squad: BVSW, BVW, Lansing Coach: Trey Witt, Jared Zuckerman, Carolyn Cook, Mike Harris Lay: SMNW OT Aff: SME BP Neg: SME BP Prettiest speaker: Daniel Birzer Fastest: Spencer Mitchell, Jacob Melookaran Most annoying: Nico Rodriguez-Hanley Best 1A: Will Bledsoe Best 2A: Nathan Paris Best 1N: Kara Fort Best 2N: Will Bledsoe Most likely to do well next year: SME HM, BVSW FZ, Kapaun EH, Daniel Birzer, Srivats Narayanan, Julian Kuffour Judge: KU Debaters, Mike Harris, Luke Hartman, Matt Michie, Mitch Wagenheim, Alex Ghekas Underrated team: Lansing FM, Lansing AB, Lansing DB, SMNW OT, Alexa Kathol Best K debater: Will Bledsoe PTX debater: Saif Bajwa T debater: Will Bledsoe Most likely NDT champ: Kansas HW Nicest debater: Patrick Bircher, Darian Bequette, Zach Atkins, Adric Tenuta Best Evidence: Brooks, Wohlforth, and Ikenberry 13 Best argument: Framework Worst argument: T-Curtail means reduce budget authority Best K: Framework Best aff: Puerto Rico Best excuse for losing: Dropping severance perms bad in the 2AR Best tournament for hanging out: KCKCC Best human being: Spencer Thompson, Srivats Narayanan, Darian Bequette
  4. The right-wing terror PIC only works against affs that defend that all government surveillance is bad. In the event that the aff specifies only stopping surveillance of black and brown bodies, I would either PIC out of mosques or drones. The arg for mosques is that surveilling mosques is key to prevent attacks on mosques (I think it would be quite easy to get the aff to defend stopping surveillance of mosques in 1AC cross-x). The arg for drones is that if we stopped surveilling minority communities, then we wouldn't have drones to check against police violence. I attached the right-wing terror PIC, drones PIC, and mosques PIC. CP Right Wing Terror.docx CP Drones PIC.docx CP Mosque PIC.docx
  5. This year, I read a lot of PICs against K affs that are usually based on some specific type of surveillance being good. Usually, I PIC out of right wing extremists, which basically means that we agree with the aff, but we think that we should continue to surveil white people. The net benefit is that surveilling right-wing extremists is key to stop right-wing attacks.
  6. Act like Obama and give the State of the Union Address (that's what I did, people in my chamber thought it was pretty funny).
  7. Niles North OW read a US-EU coop advantage for their offshore wind aff. They read a bunch of impacts to US-EU coop, and I know they have it open-sourced. http://hspolicy.debatecoaches.org/Niles+North/ObertoBessoPando-Walkington+Aff
  8. At our school, we had a forensics showcase instead of a debate showcase because forensics events are shorter (about 10 minutes each) and more fun to watch than a full-on debate, which can get quite boring, so I'm not sure how helpful this will be. In our showcase, we had two emcees who made jokes before and after each performance about the piece and the competitors, and that got the audience involved and having fun. For example, one piece was called "A Beautiful Mind," and they kept making jokes referring to it as "A Beautiful Mime" and "A Beautiful Mine." The showcase lasted two days, one on Thursday after school from 7-9, and one on Friday after school from 3-5. We had different performers perform on each day. We generally have our showcase in a small theater in the school. This helps because it's small enough that we don't need a mic, but big enough so that there is room for everyone. In order to raise money, we had someone at a table outside the entrance to the theater handing out tickets. Although the tickets were free, there was a recommended donation of $10, so people felt obligated to buy the tickets. Here is the flyer that we emailed out about the showcase, if this helps at all: https://docs.google.com/file/d/0B_uylPbYleUTdTl2QWdCWEtfY0k/edit
  9. I don't know if this is what you are looking for, but you can use Google Drive to easily convert image files into editable text: http://www.thewindowsclub.com/google-drive-convert-image-to-text Basically, you do the following: 1. Upload the pdf/image to Google Drive. 2. Click on the file once so that it turns blue. 3. Right click on the file to open up the options menu. 4. Select open with Google Docs. This should automatically convert the image into text that you can copy into a Word document. Hope this helps.
  10. I debated Washburn DJ at Iowa Caucus, and they read a warming version of the OMEGA aff with a no war contention. Their 1AC cites are on the wiki.
  11. BhavDawg

    State Results?

    I'm not sure of the exact results, but https://twitter.com/KSDebate has (I believe) the state champions. Hope this helps.
  12. I think this is certainly an interesting affirmative case. However, there are some things you might want to consider. These are just some things I thought of when looking at the 1AC. 1. I'm not really sure why the US is key. All of the link and solvency evidence is predicated off of how the Geobacter Sulffereducens can clean up waste, but I couldn't find a good reason why other countries wouldn't be able to do the aff as well. A possible neg strategy could be a politics disadvantage with an international actor counterplan. This could potentially be problematic because although you have a framing contention that mitigates the risk of the disadvantage, that doesn't matter that much if the counterplan solves the entirety of the aff. 2. Does the US have the tech to do this? A lot of the evidence refers to Michigan State University developing the technology, but that does not necessarily mean that the US can get the tech. If they get it from Michigan, then that would probably be extra-topical. I might be wrong about this, but it's just something else to consider. Just some thoughts- I'm sure others will come up with more comments. Good luck and happy debating.
  13. I think that you might still be able to go to Michigan 7 Week if you really wanted to due to their financial aid opportunities. The price they're charging (if what I'm reading is correct) is $5950 for 7 Weeks with a $60 application fee (which I think can be avoided if you pay early or something like that). However, if you email Mr. Aaron Kall (akall@umich.edu) who is in charge of the camp and ask for some financial aid, he might be willing to help. I am only able to attend for 4 weeks but want to be in the 7 week lab, and he gave me a discount so I only have to pay $4500. On top of that, he gave me the option for even more financial aid. One of my friends is going for the whole 7 weeks this summer, so he asked for some financial aid. Mr. Kall gave my friend $2000 in financial aid, which would bring the cost down to $3590, which fits into your $4000 budget that you said earlier. Just some thoughts. I've never been to Michigan before- I just wanted to let you know about the opportunities for Michigan because I'm applying there as well.
  14. The same can be done with impact turns, specifically ocean acidification good. Awful internal links? Check. Nonsensical impact turn? Check. Amazing impact cards to make it seem legit? Not really. I am sad to say that 3 out of the 4 cards in the attached document came from camp files put out this summer. Ocean Acidification - Nonsense Impact Turn.docx
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