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  1. Joy says its the March topic, who did you hear that from?
  2. Interested in trading for cases, briefs, blocks for the March April LD Topic Message me if interested Thanks
  3. Resolved: Inaction in the face of injustice makes individuals morally culpable. I instantly thought of the topic in terms of moral developmental psychology for example Lawrence Kohlberg. He studied through multiple experiments the stages of moral development that come in the face of certain situations. This could be used as a criterion or as a general argument for either side of the resolution depending on the stage of development I also saw the word "individuals" as a loophole for this debate as individuals could be seen as adults or adolescents. This could be an interesting approach to the topic The main argument that I was thinking was defining the true meaning of "injustice" Does it mean face to face acts of injustice? or societal injustice like corruption and sexism? Another idea to throw out their is the ideas that Henry David Thoreau presented about civil disobedience in relation to morally justification I have never truly debated a topic before without a governmental actor as a fundamental aspect to the resolution so nationals will be a completely new experience. Hopes this helps Good luck to all debating it! If anyone is interested in brainstorming more... PM me
  4. Hello, Here are some cards that I cut when I was doing this January/February topic. Hope these help any of you still competing with this topic! Good luck to everyone Living Wage Countries.docx
  5. I have an AFF and Neg that I am interested in trading for other files on this topic for March April. PM me if interested
  6. That makes a lot of sense especially with the Arkansas circuit. I may just ask in paradigms for what judges consider fair ground in terms of CPs. Thanks though I am planning to make it a lay oriented counter plan so hopefully that works. Wouldn't every neg team just go up and say that everyone should get food security not just the just governments citizens? Doesn't that solve the AFF best?
  7. Hey Everyone I was wondering how one would frame a counterplan or counter advocacy as neg without reading a plan text in LD? My state is relatively new to LD and pretty traditional with limited policy terms in LD. I am a policy debater which makes that hard lol. So what would be the best way to read a CP without sounding too policy oriented? Thanks!
  8. Is it best to define living wage as a number or as a generic definition? Or is it specific to what type of case you are looking at doing?
  9. Hey The debate team I am on, is going out of state to Springfield in a couple of weeks for the Parkview tournament in Missouri. There will be competitors in LD, PF, CX, and Congress from my school! I was wondering if anyone had any information on what the Missouri circuit was like for those events? What types of arguments are popular for each of those events? Is spreading popular? Is there anything different about those events on the Missouri circuit? Thank you all so much
  10. What do you guys believe to be the best words to define in cases for this resolution?
  11. For the Bering Strait case, these are the open evidence files from 2012-13 Transport topic. There are case negatives against that AFF. http://old.debatecoaches.org/resources/open-evidence-project/open-evidence-2012-2013/ Hope this helps
  12. Does anyone have any advice on ways to define the phrase "civil rights" for both sides of the resolution?
  13. What will be the most popular arguments on both the aff and neg side on the definitions of the words in the resolution?
  14. How does a person run T in LD debate? I am a policy debater transferring to mostly LD! Also do DA get run in LD?
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