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  1. About what percent did they decide to help you on? I'm honestly trying to pay little to none (not by choice ofc), yet unfortunately, I'm not a UDL student but I know I can qualify based on merit and income criteria.
  2. 2 minute 2AR? Might as well call it "vote on this shell, this shell too, vote on disad bc we die, and perm wins round, thx ez aff ballot" The thing I like about Neg is that you can speak for 6 minutes straight on the 2nr. Speaking on the aff for 4 on the 1ar and 3 and the 2ar is really gruesome due to the fact that it cuts you off, ruins your momentum, and lots of times doesn't allow you to address everything you intended on the flow. A 2 minute speech is basically just like 2 voters and then the time is up. Also, splitting prep time between alll of the speeches would be annoying too.
  3. Do you guys know any good scholarships specifically awarded for debate camps? I'm not afraid about being applicable to their financial aid/scholarship criteria? What are some ways to get to camp besides relying on my parents, getting a job, or waiting for donations from peers?
  4. Yeah, ECLI has great success ratings and has currently some of the best national circuit LDers debating, some notable cxers, and I think it's 2500 or 3000ish?
  5. Hey guys, I'm trying to learn how to write kritiks as I'm from a pretty progressive area for LD. I know how to do plans, disads, and tradition LD cases, but I have zero experience with kritiks. Can someone explain the format of a kritik, how to debate for and against it, and explain some generic type of k's like cap, anthro, antiwhiteness? Thanks!
  6. Cap k, veil of ignorance, economic collapse --- > war or whatever disad, plan over walmart, is what I've seen/heard so far. What else are you guys thinking/hearing from the community?
  7. It depends on your circuit. I'm in a really progressive circuit, so there's always some DA's, and yeah there are T args too.
  8. This topic sounds terrible after doing some basic research... I'm really hoping some light bulb happens that changes my course of thought on the topic, but that probably won't happen until January 1st or something, lol
  9. What's wrong with Wilderson K's?
  10. Thanks man. I was thinking that I don't personally find any of the CP's very strong, unless you run a conscription cp vs an aff's util case, but other than that I don't see much strong neg ground, unless you have a Wilderson K which I haven't personally invested too much time into myself.
  11. I'm still having trouble finding out what's the best neg ground on this topic.... Anyone?
  12. Looking for cards/files that prove util bad or individual rights are bad/unnecessary, or anything against those two. Thanks.
  13. Lol this got more attention than expected.
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