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  1. Best judge: Charlie Clark Best coach: Stephanie King Best squad/school: app east Best team: Sheboygan north cw Best aff team: MUHS vf Best neg team: Sheb North CW Best kritik debater: Not even a question Best straight-up policy debater: Tvb Best aff position: embargo Best negative position: post colonialism Most persuasive speaker: Tvb Most helpful person: Nathan cho Most hardworking debater: Kedrick Fastest debater: Sam wang Best debater overall: JC Novice to watch out for next year: Jessie from spash The best team next year: Teresa shaw's team/App East Squad to watch out for next year: muhs Funniest debater: Nathan cho, this isn't a question Most fun debater to judge/watch: Nathan cho Rookie team of the year: spashs a team Most underrated team: Nathan chos team Most underrated debater: Tvb Most improved debater: Sam wang Most improved team: Rufus king sm
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    Hey Y'all, its Samuel here. My partner and I are two policy debaters from the Wisconsin area and are about to head on out to NSDA nationals. Unfortunately, recently our judge dropped us for personal reasons, which leaves us about 4 days to get a judge otherwise we can't compete. Is anybody in the Wisconsin or Chicago area free to help us out, or if you're close to Kansas City we could drive and pick you up too! We don't have much money to pay you, we're completely self-funding this trip, but we'll do our best! We would really appreciate some help, thanks so much. PM me here or email me at samuel.wang126@gmail.com
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