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  1. Best team: BVW BB Squad: BVW, BVSW Coach: Carolyn Cook for teaching me how to tab rounds. And Megan Mapes for helping Billy and I at Caucus despite not being on our coaching staff. Also Witt for driving everywhere. Lay: BVSW JN Aff: SME DM for breaking a billion affs Neg: BVW BB - love them cheating CPs Prettiest speaker: Zach Novicoff Fastest: I don't know, I don't think any of us are particularly fast. Spee Mitch? Most annoying: Bledsoe Best 1A: Spee Mitch Best 2A: Bhavish Best 1N: Birzer Best 2N: Saif Most likely to do well next year: BVSW FZ, SME HM, Srivats & Birzer, Julian Kuffour (Don't know who they are but everyone says they're real tight) Judge: Mike Harris, Luke Hartman, KU Debaters Underrated team: WEast BS, Alexa Kathol for being in back to back bid rounds at Colleyville and ICW Best K debater: Bledsoe for those hot Mattei 2NRs at DCI PTX debater: Saif & Birz T debater: Bhavish Most likely NDT champ: Michigan KM/Saif Nicest debater: Jacob Melookaran, Patrick Bircher Best Evidence: Either Ford 15 or Brooks, Ikenberry, & Wohlforth 13 Best argument: Framework Worst argument: 1ACs without plans Best K: Stalin Good Best aff: Provocateurs Best excuse for losing: Bhavish not telling me he changed our plan text to avoid BVSW FZs T arg before I lost to BVSW FZ on T Best tournament for hanging out: DCI Best human being: Spencer Thompson
  2. One off D-Spec is the only true argument in debate.
  3. Rush, but that's probably just because I'm a Formula 1 fan.
  4. I respect your opinion, but I few bones to pick. First of all, Kanye is not stupid. He may be a douchebag, an asshole, and an arrogant bastard, but he isn't stupid. Second, I don't think he is rapping against racism on this album. I would say a theme I noticed on a few of Kanye's albums, specifically on The College Dropout and Yeezus, is against a lack of class mobility and ability to "follow your dreams". I saw an interview where he explained the line "clean water was only served to the fairer skin" as referring to his inability to expand into other areas of art. For context, I believe he has been unsuccessfully trying to solicit a fashion line to companies, who shut him out because of his less than diamond history in favor of less controversial (fairer) clients. The line of "fuck you and your corporations, you can't control me" also is a defiance statement against these same companies. And, therein lies the point/message of Yeezus, which is that Kanye West does not give a fuck and will do whatever he wants. If he really just wanted to make money, he would just spam College Dropout clones. I don't think he is "deep" necessarily, but he definitely is making art and talking about real issues, not just rapping for the cash. Third, The fact that we're even having this discussion proves he is a rock star. To me, a rock star combines controversy, acclaimed music, and a public life. Kanye is really the only person who meets all three.
  5. What kind of cards does that use? Oak in 98?
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