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  1. Boehner pronounced as boner is one I've heard waaaaay too many times in round.
  2. Umich Classic! I'm going in the sophomore division! So excited!
  3. I'm a rising sophomore attending UMich Classic for 4 weeks. pretty reasonably priced and its a fantastic camp. you should look into it.
  4. I recently hit a Kato case turn at a tournament and nearly lost on it. One of the older debaters gave me cards to answer it in the future but I'd really like to figure out some good analytic arguments to make. If y'all could help me get the gist of this argument as a whole/ have suggestions for what I could respond with that would be great!
  5. I'm a freshman novice debater and am going to the Sophomore division of the Michigan Classic. MNDI has a two week lab that's supposed to be good for Sophomores and such. I've heard it's better to go to a longer camp before you start varsity.
  6. fifteen second long 2nr: "what has been said has been said."
  7. read cards backwards as fast as you can (Just the phrases, not the word backwards) and then read them as fast as you can forwards. that's just for speed. you also need to take breath control and clarity into account.
  8. Umich Classic sophomore division
  9. One of the seniors on my team is going to Hoya Spartan but I also know seniors that are going to Umich 7 week. Umich is supposed to have a fantastic 7 week program. Also as far as cost goes, Umich ends up being more economical than Hoya Spartan.
  10. the first K i ever hit was your run of the mill Cap K the first K i ever ran was an imperialism K that basically said the aff perpetuates imperialism Another K i've hit is the Psychoanalysis K. Its kind of similar to the Security K, its just a hell of a lot more complicated
  11. I myself have a Macbook Pro that has served me well as a debater. its a tad expensive but its worth the speed and space. it all depends on what you're using the laptop for. if your flowing on it, most people choose to not go the mac route.
  12. a cuba property counterplan is often effective. its a PIC and a CP that conditions the cuban government against lifting. it works against affs that specify the embargo needing to be lifted fully and basically all normal "lift the embargo" affs
  13. as a girl, i can attest to this. that's not to say boys can't spread, they just usually end up lacking as much clarity as their female counterparts. But the voices of some of the girls who can spread well are WAAAAAY too high. I've been in rounds where the girl starts spreading but the judges get easily annoyed by the pitch despite the fact that she may very well be a good debater.
  14. definitely the most interesting thing ive heard in round was the "we should voluntarily exterminate the human race" counterplan with evidence from how.com and scientificamerica.com that was read to my multilat and sustainable ag advantages
  15. i honestly would have preferred the middle east topic. This topic is going to end up being too similar to this year's. hate me, but thats my opinion and im entitled to it.
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