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  1. Top Tips: 1) - You need better K links - sadly most topics dont pertain to the USFG or Policy Making, 2)- Framework debates are different. Its more Util vs. Deon or some sort of philosophy etc. Ultimately, make sure you have a standpoint and stick with it. 3) - K AFFs are pretty chill if you have the right judge. There are more topic specific links and research required. 4)- Topicality and other typical theory stuff can be "RVI"s or blatant abuses ie the NEG reading two Ts and theory. 5)- You can read DAs and CPs, but finding ev that is good for either links or permuation answers is hella difficult. 6) - SPEAKING is more important. There is a lesser quality of judging which means your not always going to get quality judges. Work on presentation, cross x, and closing lines of 2NR and 2AR Good luck - AS a former LDer to a newcomer - welcome to the less deadly, - more annoying beast of debate.
  2. This article just seems fundamentally wrong. If not in the debate space, then where do we get to ask these questions, where do we get to express our" personal experience". Debate is not about the actual resolution - that changes year to year. It is about how and what is the best form of education and subsequently how each team should access that education and make policy or non policy decisions based off of the form of education. If both teams agree that the best form of education is a standard policy round than the judge should evaluate that round based off of policy making. BUT, If a team thinks that there is something inherently wrong with CEDA or policy debate itself or the resolution, than those issues should be debated. There is nothing wrong with asking the questions of why and how one debates and their relationship to that topic. If one believes that debate on the topic is important - defend that topic debate is important. Without K affs that question the governing assumptions of society why debate? We just become some crop of students that grow in a field of hegemonic normativity that refuse to justify their ethical stand point before justifying their plan. "Desalination is cool, but why are we pretending to be the USFG. Why is that good? " I'm not saying that we should forget about policy affs altogether, but we should have to justify why we do what we do..
  3. "Most untopical aff: whoever read that aff about scuba diving and cyborgs that actually had a plan" Except for the fact that our AFF was actually topical. Might want to re-read the AFF there bud.
  4. Will trade for neg file against Cloud Seeders. I have multiple Ks, including Baudrillard, Anthro Ks, Enviornmental dualism, Lacan, and more. PM me ASAP
  5. No you're obligated to realize the words we say affect those who are around us You are obligated to recognize that not everyone is an able bodied person, and that when you say "crazy" and you associate that with something inherently "bad" you associate those who are identified as "crazy" with being "bad".
  6. Stop using this word. Get it out of your vocabulary forever. I'm so tired and exhausted of people throwing around words like crazy insane and retarted to discuss something that is "relatively" bad. There are thousands of words in the English langauge. Pick one that doesn't continuously perpetuate abled-body privilege. - a debater with disabilities
  7. Thank you for saying that. As a disabled debater, I appreciate when people hold the community accountable.
  8. If they bring it back: WSDI 2014!!!!!! 1200 for 3 weeks. I've broken in 2 major tourneys as a first year (did non-circuit LD for 2 years), Admittedly my partner plays a huge factor in our success but WSDI was still really helpful. And it was really cheap!
  9. Awesomepants3


    Yeah it's a privacy thing. PM if your curious. And yeah it was Octos, i just remembered that we lost in the first round it broke.
  10. If you're writing a policy AFF that isn't on open ev: 1) Do preliminary research. Don't search for any specific piece of evidence (i.e us key warrant) just gather information about the topic 2) Decide is the aff worth writing: Is there enough information available, what are common arguments, how would I beat them etc 3) Cut cards like crazy on anything you see that can be related 4) After having a nice size document of evidence, begin to formulate how you want these pieces of evidence to fit in 5) Organize and then research specifics needs (Us key warrant etc). If you use open ev: read through as many files as possible, along with wikis that have good answers. K Affs: Essentially the same as the 5 instructions above. But I think its best when you read the lit just to read the lit. Read all articles you come across just to understand how things work. hope this helps!
  11. Awesomepants3


    Pretty Sure its AC. And you'll have to ask in round to get your first answer ;D lolollolol. Seriously our Aff is just John Boener running into the ocean screaming "Free Willy"!
  12. Awesomepants3


    side note: Lost in Doubles to Loyola on a 2-1. We were neg. Our Aff only dropped one ballot
  13. Awesomepants3


    Ayee that's our old aff! It's nice to know people talk about us!
  14. Okay I was super broke so here is what I did: Found the cheapest and most convenient camp: WSDI (1200 for 3 Weeks) Next i emailed a bunch of rich people with a letter about how I'm a future law maker/ lawyer/ public speaker and you'd be doing a great thing to help me achieve my dreams. One man payed the 1200 dollars and sent me to debate camp, and it was a GREAT experience!
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