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  1. Necro-ing but w/e There are probably like 5 kids (Luis, Lucy, Bryan, Nishant, Aditya (kind of)) that can speed in East Mo right now (by speed I mean like 280-300 wpm) and there's only one team that has two of them on it (West Agarwal/Zhang) There's actually quite a few, but almost all are former HS/College debaters (although from experience, they don't reliably come to tournaments)
  2. Sounds like someone lost their fedora
  3. So I guess my ballot isn't necessary, but I have some comments on 2AC order. I think the 2 new flows should've been on the K instead of being new flows. Also, you probably could've put a lot more on the K flow in the 2AC, probably some ev about how debate is good/builds advocacy or some cede the political type stuff.
  4. I'll judge. Tell me how I should evaluate the debate and I will. Don't, and I'll try to do the least amount of work possible to resolve the round.
  5. You might want to check this out: https://hsimpact.wordpress.com/2016/02/25/michigan-k-lab-podcast-afro-pessimism/ Dr. Wilderson specifically talks about white students promoting Afro-pessimist theorization basically coming to the conclusion that nonblack individuals can promote Afro-pessimist theorization, but he's really not sure why they would ever want to if they truly understood the tenants of Afro-pessimism. So yeah its still argumentatively solid, as long as your okay with either a) promoting scholarship you don't believe in or promoting scholarship that questions your right to exist.
  6. Beating Ks doesn't require you to know the source material well, although it definitely helps. Beating Ks is all about understanding how the K is deployed in the round (is it pre/post fiat, what are the K tricks, etc.). As far as source material, the only K teams (used liberally here) you'll hit in emo (which is pretty much Me/Nick tbh) are probably going to be reading Legalism, Security, or Cap K, none of which have real specific lit bases (they're all pretty generic arguments and don't rely on the philosophical works of one person), but I'll try to list some authors who could help in your understanding: Legalism: this seems to be the go to K for Missouri (which means I've heard of JC and Nixa reading it). Look up National Security and Double Government by Michael J. Glennon. But basically, this is circumvention with an alt and impact. Security (Paging ARGogate): there are a ton of people who write about security...actually just look up the cross-x user ARGogate and look through his post history. Chances are he'll already have explained everything you need to know. Cap: Read up on Giroux some more, although he's more specific to neoliberalism (a term which he uses reallllly liberally), but he still provides some pretty good reads on what student resistance should look like to neolib, and explains how neolib/cap structures the world which could be useful to understand. I'd focus on learning Cap first because a lot of high theory is some really complex interpretation of how capitalism structures the world (and even if its not, Cap is really easy K to learn how K tricks work with). Oh also, if you have specific qs about the K crap Me/Nick read just pm me. EDIT: Shit didn't mean to necro
  7. What tournament was this? (Can't tell if this is some specific shade or an actual round).
  8. Yeah, I'm from Wyoming. Our school just travels a lot to Eastern Missouri because of the competition quality. /s Can someone please tell me about this T-Substantial round? It sounds awful.
  9. I still have no idea if its actually Patrick or not...
  10. Wait...is this actually Patrick?
  11. The district OP is from is super duper lay (and most coaches just intervene on everything, and never vote on T) so CPs/T probably aren't the strats OP is looking for. (Y'all are definitely right about this aff just plain not being topical though). Source: I'm from OP's district.
  12. She's definitely at Georgetown. She cleared at the 2015 NDT and just received a First Round Bid to the 2016 NDT.
  13. I can't really believe that someone has heard of timecube outside of WGLF. This has to be a troll, right?
  14. Looks like he was pretty successful to me. https://i.gyazo.com/7178815f0587760b4fb4a25f6c7cd3a6.png
  15. Wilderson doesn't talk about a black/white binary, he discusses a black/non-black binary (in opposition to WEB DuBois white/non-white binary). In order to prove the link here you'd have to argue that the non-Han Chinese are susceptible to violence because of their relation to blackness, which would be pretty hard (if at all possible) to do.
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