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  1. you know what to run against baulldriard affs- zizek cuz zizek hates everything and everyone, including himself
  2. any critical theory works in this case because it can be read on the neg as well as Aff. The most prominent example of this is Heidegger Affs on this topic
  3. A) tuck and yang is a terrible arguement that is cut wildly out of context from the article it is originally from The article is free to read so u should cut the cards yourself ya lazy bastard
  4. zaza

    best generic ks?

    Run Heidegger, but not the one card kind of way. You need it to take 7:30, so the other 30 seconds is nuke war good on case
  5. Well if you want to go into really deep levels-- Howard Zinns 'A Peoples History of the United States" describes the effects of bacons rebellion where the white slavemasters were afraid of coalitions and rebellions so in order to stabilize the rich position, they gave the poor whites more rights so they would stay poor but be content becuase slaves were under them. This directly feeds into Marxs analysis of history from class conflict and the rich maintaining there position. That aside, I would run heavy Pomo and/or victimization K
  6. How do we use ableism on this topic? I understood the transportation infrastructure but I dont see how this fits in with ocean
  7. zaza

    Aff Bias?

    but no matter what you must always read timecube-- no matter what the case AND make it one off only. A 13 minutes timecube block will certainly convince the judge to vote for you, every time
  8. zaza

    Most absurd Aff

    There is a Baulldriard team I saw thats 1AC performance was sacrificing the judge to Satan because everything is a performance
  9. zaza

    Big Disads

    under the DA loss of biodiversity is inevideable but thru large amounts of jellyfish it can be maintained. Also in Europe modern fishing tactics have killed a lot of jellyfish in recent years
  10. zaza

    Big Disads

    The DA is that if they say "we use solar panels", in order to make solar panels you need jellyfish skin. In order to get the skin, they kill the entire jellyfish. Loss of biodiversity--->Extinction
  11. zaza

    Big Disads

    I got a Jellyfish DA if anyone wants to trade
  12. zaza

    Kritik list

    You forgot the greatest Kritik known to Debate, the Capitalism kritik
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