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  1. what are good economic competitiveness impact cards. Preferably just a straight impact, not a link chain. I know of Friedberg & Schoenfeld and Hubbard
  2. http://science.nasa.gov/earth-science/oceanography/ocean-exploration/ I think this could work for T
  3. What's a good introduction to Heidegger? I would prefer an actual book but w/e works.
  4. I'm an LDer doing policy for the first time. how unecssary are theory spikes and util frameworks in policy?
  5. Awesome. Just needed to make sure neg can't just shout topicality if I advocate the disuse of words in the res.
  6. Can aff make discourse arguemnents if the words they critique the use of are in the resolution?
  7. Thanks for the reply, I think I have the fundamentals down though. I'm fairly good at spreading and not freaking out when debating fast spreaders for a novice. With my background in LD, I'll probably write a k aff. I'm thinking about labeling Cuba as a developing country since I have an abundance of evidence for that via research for the current LD res. If I'm confident in my ability to run Heidegger, would that be acceptable at districts? As far as my district goes, it really depends (or so I've heard). I'm going to have cases prepared for both experienced progressive judges and mommy judges. Thanks for the link to the lectures, I'll get started watching them immediately.
  8. I'm a novice LD debater this year and have a significantly better chance of doing well at districts in policy rather than LD (trust me, I don't really need to worry about the experience gap in my state). I know a lot about policy through what applies from LD and I also competed in policy at an earlier tournament. So, I was just curious as to what arguments have been the most prominent with the current HS resolution that I should prepare to see. Also, are there any rounds with good sound quality online that I could use for flowing practice?
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