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  1. That sucks. Thanks anyway.
  2. Does anyone know if/where Xylem Camp files are on the internet? They are not posted on open evidence.
  3. Also thanks to everyone who commented, really helpful!
  4. I don't have a copy of the aff, they read in on paper. And I may have been wrong to say it was a patriarchy aff, its a Maquiladoras affirmative that has patriarchy advantages. They have femicide and infanticide advantages as well. I found the Michigan State Card on just a basic google search, so I cut it. If anyone wants the link- https://www.msu.edu/~womyn/alternative.html I think the idea of running it as a PIC is a good idea- What would the text look like?
  5. I'm preparing to hit a patriarchy aff this weekend, and I've heard of the representations turn that says you cannot say "women" with the "e" and you should spell it "womyn." Some people on the squad said it was a good idea, but they didn't have any files. I looked through backfiles and the open evidence archives and I had no luck. Does anyone know where I could find some files/articles on this?
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