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    fund raising ideas?

    1) Bake sale 2) Car wash 3) Get sponsors from local businesses 4) Beg
  2. amalbpie

    Horrible arguments

    lol calm down
  3. amalbpie


    How are some ways to improve the 2AC? What should be in the 2AC? How should the 2AC be structured?
  4. amalbpie

    Warming Turns

    I'm pretty sure this is in the wrong forum, but I didn't know where to put it and I didn't want it to be in the "Everyone should make a warming 1ac" Anyways, besides for russian oil turn, coral reef turn, ice age turn, and co2 fertilization turn, are there other warming turns? If so, what do they say?
  5. amalbpie

    Legit Theory Arguments

    What about impacts?
  6. amalbpie

    Legit Theory Arguments

    What are some legit and winnable theory arguments/impacts that are convincing?
  7. amalbpie

    Everyone should make a global warming 1AC

    ohh ok If possible, can you post the cards for negative feedback answers and the Guterl card?
  8. amalbpie

    Everyone should make a global warming 1AC

    What exactly does "Negative feedbacks check" say? And how would you answer effect distribution and resiliency?
  9. amalbpie

    Reincarnation K

    Okay thanks, going off of the second point, could the following argument work? (it's kinda sketch) Voting aff makes death take longer. With reincarnation, one's soul gets reincarnated into another body, thus allowing one to experience life again and in another body. Being in another body would make that soul more experienced (?? or some other impact) and is therefore good? So voting neg would allow you to experience different forms of bodies, thus making you more experienced (again, some other impact?)
  10. amalbpie

    Reincarnation K

  11. amalbpie

    Reincarnation K

    How can you answer the "reincarnation inevitable" answer?
  12. amalbpie

    Reincarnation K

    That would be awesome if you could get hold of him! I would really really appreciate it!!
  13. amalbpie

    Reincarnation K

    Hey, Is there a k that deals with reincarnation? For example, it could say that death is inevitable, but reincarnation would bring us back to life through another form of being. The alternative could be to embrace the status quo This kind of relates to Hinduism/Buddhism. Is it possible to find literature like this? Thanks!
  14. amalbpie

    Complexity/Predictions K

    Okay cool. Thank you so much! This really helped a lot!
  15. amalbpie

    Complexity/Predictions K

    I am interested in the Complexity/Predictions K. The alt for the one I'm looking at is moving towards the complexity theory from the linear system which is being used in the status quo. I don't really understand what the complexity theory is. Im guessing the linear system is based upon links? Im not sure about that. Can someone explain this? Thanks!