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  1. This sounds like needlessly complicated Nietzsche - just read Nietzsche instead, its a lot more simple and makes the same argument
  2. Really? I didn't know they wrote that much such that a person could have such a large file.
  3. I would suggest to OP to search in the search bar for mentions of the Antonio evidence linked above; there have been discussions on this site from much more veteran users that discuss its relation to debate and whether the things that it's talking about would be applicable to the policy making model that is followed in policy debate. Certainly, these discussions might not be true as the evidence is open to interpretation; but having a deeper understanding of the card that is derived from multiple sources would be help you I'd say.
  4. Although I've never personally visited your site myself, I'd definitely buy a shirt if it means supporting debate in some way
  5. I would suggest you look into Semiotic Capitalism/Digital Capitalism/Information Capitalism and the works on Baudrillard concerning his critiques of information in relation to reality (or maybe I have that backwards?) - although you'll probably link back to yourself, the literature is very interesting; and who knows, maybe in your endeavours you'll discover a possible alternative that could potentially resolve questions of "you link back to yourself" :^)
  6. Back when Payton Woods would regularly visit the site, I made a forum post asking about hauntology affs and how they solved - in relation to the round between Northwestern MV and Oklahoma CL at the 2015 NDT (or maybe it was 2014?) - and we (well, mostly him since he was versed in the literature I'd say) concluded with Oklahoma's argument that the aff doesn't do anything (in simplest terms). Back in the Oceans Topic and a bit for the Surveillance Topic, one of my teams read a Hauntology K, the main problems we had was what the alt entailed and the question of mutual exclusivity (perm solved in most of the cases, but I think that was just because we had weak links). I was told once that the Hauntology Aff read against Oklahoma was designed to fck over the Neg in terms of the Perm because of the nature of the method, which really raises questions about the strategic benefit of reading hauntology on Neg. In any case, I'd suggest you develop a concise explanation of what your alt means/entails; my team added a card that was very Freire-esque to sort of answer that question but teams hit us with an Ableism DA that was too much of a hassle to deal with. Good luck!
  7. Fanon, Lacan (or is it Freud?). and Marx are the big three primarily - he makes reference to other authors like Hartman, Spillers, Sexton, etc. throughout his works though
  8. They weren't a ToC qualifying tournament this year, so I'm assuming it'll be the same next year; considering the low amount of attendance this year, save a few local schools Edit: Misread your question, refer to the last part of what I wrote above though - I don't really think thats the reason why though as the years it did have a ToC bid a lot of schools still showed up to try and get that bid, I'd contact CSUF directly to find out
  9. http://www.cedadebate.org/forum/index.php?PHPSESSID=5pjmm8n7vlmlte0qjm5fjarg75&topic=7087.msg15327#new
  10. Just an F.Y.I. they're having somewhat of a similar discussion over on the CEDA forums about this round - much of which has been in support of the strategy Rutgers utilized. By that I mean, the 1 minute of actual arguments in the 1NC (as in cards), and the stuff they went for in the 2NR. It's a long read but I'd wager its worth checking out.
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