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  1. Definitely a file worth getting - as a coach helped me get to a bid round down at dowling , and this file is worth gettting
  2. Ok one A)Aplogize - just be geniune . dont say victims thats uniquely problematic because you are literally saying they are lesser. just be like ok - the aff doesnt make this world anymore abelist - so no link based on plan action C) Ballot as punishment is bad for a couple reasons i) Turn: Builds resentment in debaters who have lost to these arguements and creates a mindset of oh they cant debate so they go for cheap shots - which negatively effects the community writ large - creates stigmization of debaters whose use this space as a survival mechanism ii) Even if they win - punishment good - it's not going to spillover where the solvency is alittle bit skeptical of. Also having just like HEG GOOD FOR RIGHTS EXPANSION or Econ Growth key to ensure those who are differently made in society are not stigmizatied . Like just having something like that might be handy if this is a worry.
  3. JaredCroitoru


    That Guam aff lowkey could be fire militarism aff . Just be like demilitarize guam being the aff - increases chinese diplomatic relations and theirfor is topical route for it .
  4. When Kuschlear - that card ( its like has to increase from what it has been on)
  5. read the lit just for everyone elses sake . we dont need any wannabe MK ultra's
  6. check your email - i emailed the 2nc for you T and case https://www.mediafire.com/?n53518x5dh6jrn1
  7. CX Case- Your whilhoite- is describing this idea Camus displays at this idea of how do we rebel against our postionality in life - how is it saying we should fear death? Recuber- is just talking why we shouldnt do a good idea ? What about debate makes this ever acess what recuber says, to the idea of action from the consumer? Also who is the consumer? How is the judge a consumer? Exploration- 1. how is exploration net better ? 2.why are we exploring? 3.boochkin just points one thing wrong with the analysis of heidegger and how in terms of the Nazi rise , was problematic- meanwhile A)How is in terms of more ecological aspects of the world? Framing - Hudson - is like the colonial signfier is what builds the antiblack relations with the world - where if hudson is right , why isnt the physical life marked with violence inherent in the world. T- 1. whats Quid Pro Quo? 2.just cuz shit kinda vague doesnt that mean we should have some type of limit on what is good or not ? Afropess Ill start of with the perm's how do they even function? Bouie indicates the neccesity of changing the system when it is flawed , how is this not generating things like UQ for any alternative way of the system I.E farley's indicating of burning down the system - which is a technical solution? Hudson- hudson is indicating this colonial violence that created the pardigmatic antagnoism , where if hudson is tru , how then does one neglect the parastic relationship civil society has on blackness? Ehlers - one how doesnt ehlers conceed - black white binary 's are real? The final portion of this study is concerned with examining what forms of agency and resistance are possible within the context of this binary construction of black and white identities. Where if ehlers is correct what are you going to defend - no social death or your black white binary bad offense? Day indicated material revolution - what makes something material - how is the 1ac anything material? What about materiality means that we burn down literal agricultural production? How does the Critism trigger the internal link of burning food? Hasnt the instution just rearranged itself when reforms occured? Spanos 1.Whats the vientman spectre? 2.Also why vote aff? 3. Why do you want china's help ? 4.What is your real reason you want china? 5. Any theortical reasons to reject the team
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