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    anthro k aff?

    this coming season, we decided to write an anthro aff... do you all have any tips in structure of the aff or anything like that? (we have never run a k aff before)
  2. my debate team always ends up cutting out tournaments bc we don't have a lot of money. we are looking to do more recruitment this year so we will have a bigger novice squad, so we will be spending more money with the same budget. right now we don't have a very big squad (6 people that would be willing to help) to fundraise over the summer... any ideas on what we could do to fundraise at least some amount of money?
  3. My name is katie gravel and I'm going to be a sophomore at Newburgh Free Academy in Newburgh,NY. Newburgh is 60 miles north of manhattan and is a very diverse city. We're a small debate team and haven't had much success in the past years, and our coach is unfortunately leaving us. She was just offered the job of head coach at Lexington. I was hoping there would be someone interested that could coach both LD and Policy. I don't know what my district's willing to offer yet or what their thoughts on the situation even are but please PM me if you think you could be interested. ​ik this isn't the right forum but we are desperate
  4. pre-ecca-zit (prerequisite) this kid said it probably a total of 15-20 times throughout the whole round; the judge made a point to correct him and make him say it right afterwards
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