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  1. ribeeesh

    Harvard fees

    So my school is trying to plan out our budget(which is unfortunately very small) and we wanted to see if we would have enough for Harvard. We're all aware it's expensive, just not sure how expensive. If anyone is aware of the fees for LD teams, Policy teams, and hired judges from past years, that would be super helpful! thanks!
  2. Nope pretty sure I posted this actually... Also, just trying our best to find a coach so we're able to have a debate team. I don't think it should be a problem if two people post about it.
  3. My name is Riba Hossain and I'm going to be a senior and team captain at Newburgh Free Academy in Newburgh,NY. Newburgh is 60 miles north of manhattan and is a very diverse city. We're a small debate team and haven't had much success in the past years, and our coach is unfortunately leaving us. She was just offered the job of head coach at Lexington. I was hoping there would be someone interested that could coach both LD and Policy. I don't know what my district's willing to offer yet or what their thoughts on the situation even are but please PM me if you think you could be interested.
  4. Hi. So I'm going to the vbi 3 week session at UCLA. I've been to two other camps before but they've both been policy camps(debated policy for 3 years but losing my partner for my senior year so switching to ld) I was wondering if anyone has either been to this camp and can tell me about it or is going and wants to get in touch. Also, what differences could there be between ld and policy camps? I just want to know what to expect. (Oh and what's the dorm and food experience like at UCLA. Not a big deal just curious though.) thank you!
  5. I'm not sure how other diocese do it but in mine they negotiate out the teams that will go and how many teams per school.
  6. I will be a rising senior this summer and want to go to the best camp possible. The cost doesn't matter and I'm down for a 7 week program. Right now I'm looking at Hoya spartan scholars as my top choice, but I went to northwestern last year and might want to attend their 6 week seniors program. Any advice on which would be better for me? (And my partner has already decided on definitely attending northwestern 6 week. He is also a rising senior and we've never gone to camp without each other, but we don't debate together at the camp tournament)
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