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  1. As Solax said something that helped me after camp a lot was slowing down; it actually made me faster as it reduced the majority of my stuttering and unclearity. You can speed up from there
  2. fdsdfwe


    Know how to debate Line by line very well - Even a single drop going 1 off framework is probably gonna cost you the round
  3. Interested as well - Lol, but lets be honest are there any good non-camp DA's that anyones read
  4. fdsdfwe


    I'd be interested in Derrida if anyone has that?
  5. ^ Can we actually find a card for dat doe
  6. fdsdfwe


    Lol @ Excluding Arkansas
  7. This question has probably been asked before, what's the best cards for - Econ decline leads to war/nuke war and High econ key to solve warming?
  8. fdsdfwe


    Multilat Fails
  9. Basically PTX is incredibly generic. I think they are good for debate. Although I hate PTX debates, I think it encourages research before tournaments. Also if you can find a plan popular card; They can't just use some generic link, but still PTX will always be there whether we like it or not; might as well try to find ways to beat it/win on it.
  10. Cap not being common... LOL...
  11. Yeah I think neoliberalism will be questionable based on the affirmative. I was thinking it could be viable against alternative energy affs.
  12. I'm trying to sharpen my anti-neoliberalism knowledge lol. What is the strongest alternative for neoliberalism? In the context of next years topic, how good do you guys the neolib K will be?
  13. I'm pretty interested as well in a K of impacts file. Agl125 - Your messages are full. PM me
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