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    I'm a High School Junior from PCS Joslin. Top "A" division speaker at the Allstate Invitational 2013, and #2 speaker at DePaul Midseason Classic 2013.
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  1. ...because necromancy is a dark art?
  2. Yeah. Here it is: https://www.dropbox.com/s/lo8woot30mwx9e7/Beast%20of%20Blasphemy%201AC%20ROUGH%20(~2650%20words).doc
  3. I'll be running the Rosa Parks K. It's free on Evazon, I think.
  4. Um... what? Are you saying that you should edit the tags to say something that the card doesn't exactly say? Because that's really unethical (it's called powertagging, and it's enough to get an ethics violation slapped on you). That being said, editing tags ever-so-slightly as long as the tag is still directly by the evidence to tailor them to specific cases is fine, but you're walking a very thin line there. Make sure that, whatever you do, the card and the author's intent are preserved in your editing.
  5. Out of pure curiosity, do you feel that there is a serious ethical violation when someone runs the Gay Pirates 1AC, but they themselves are completely cisgendered and straight? Personally, I feel that there is something very wrong with a straight person running the Pirates 1AC. I feel that when a straight person runs this case, they are exploiting the struggles of the gay community for their own personal gain, and I do not believe that is ethical. If they haven't suffered the struggle of being gay, why do they get to pretend to be gay and experience those struggles and win a ballot for it?
  6. But quite simply, our love is not be... (In other news, Edward quits his day job to write sonnets. Riots break out in the streets as the world braces itself for a new kind of horror, not seen since the likes of Nancy Paula Millstone.) But, in all seriousness. I love Cracked. And I love these articles. http://www.cracked.com/blog/5-things-everyone-gets-wrong-about-government-spending/ http://www.cracked.com/article_20454_5-scary-myths-you-probably-believe-about-economy_p2.html The issue is, I'm reluctant to cut them into cards (Cracked is not exactly a scholarly source). So, the question is, should I cut them or not? And, if I shouldn't, are there any scholarly sources that say the same thing as these articles say (I'm specifically looking at cards that say the same thing as #5 in the first article, and #2 in the second). Thanks!
  7. Also, can someone teach a nooblord how to properly mark spoliers?
  8. But... the glue was a BAD thing in the LEGO movie. It limited the freedom of the citizens of LEGOland to build as they please, and they live under the heel of an oppressive control freak, President Business. Also, SPOILER SPOILER SPOILER SPOILER FOR THE LOVE OF GOD TURN BACK THERE'S A HUGE SPOLIER COMING! The glue was used by an uncaring father to enforce his ideal of what is the "right" way to play with LEGOs, at the cost of his son's joy. (Links to a lot of epistimology and imperialism Ks). SPOILER OVER SPOILER OVER SPOILER OVER So, how did they frame it as a good thing?
  9. Don't worry, Garret. I've got your back. I'll message you later with some cards that will more-or-less work.
  10. Yeah, I was looking for something to answer things like Cap, Middle Passage, and Coloniality Ks. Thanks to both you and ...Hi... You y'all helped me big-time. Note: Edited for gendered language.
  11. Does anyone have a card that says something about how we shouldn't be paralyzed to inaction by the past? For reference, I'm thinking of writing a tag that says, "While [insert idea/action] has been used for evil in the past, to reject it now, in an entirely different context of culture and intent, is to be irrationally paralyzed into inaction by the past."
  12. Yeah, I'll be honest. Marx sounds like a lot of fun against Middle Passage. I think that's what I want to go with.
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