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  1. what do you mean by "did you see pocahontas 2AC"
  2. It's a colonialism K with a disney poem, arguing that episto of aff is colonialist
  3. we have a tournament tomorrow and we're writing a K with a poem, and we're trying to find a card saying poetry/lyrics good for education. any help is greatly appreciated, we just need 1 card and we can't easily find it THANKS EVERYONE
  4. on the deep ecology K/deep ecology aff discussion that you guys were having I ran an anthro K aff and neg with deep eco alt at CPS and made bid round. It's a pretty solid strategy, assuming you're willing to put in the work blocking out the main arguments that you hit (perm double bind, every form of framework, no solvency, discourse arguments, theory, etc). It's a good idea to make it more of an anthro K with a deep eco advocacy/alt so that you can get more offense and so that finding literature is easier. Hmu if you want more info/would like to see the cites for my ac/nc)
  5. Assuming I do the topical aff plan for 1 specific country, how do I access the epistemology impacts? How does supporting animals/nature in 1 instance in one country change anthropocentric modes of thought on a substantive level? I wanted to go hardcore(unless there is a reason not to do so), and I already have many of the cards for deep ecology cut out, how would I respond to T and which arguments would I need to block out?
  6. Hey guys, I want to make an anthro k aff with a deep ecology advocacy. The way that I'm framing it, I'm just going to advocate deep ecology, which is arguably really untopical. Which arguments (and kritiks) will I need to block out, and how do I respond to T(I really need help with how to respond to T)? If it helps, I'm saying that the epistemology of anthro is wrong, and that causes social and environmental crises, and that deep ecology, which at its most basic level is a shift in epistemology, will solve for all of these problems.
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