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  1. I honestly wouldn't advise it, IMO, framework, while not dead, is getting pretty antiquated. I'd advise that you get good at a few general turns for recurring K affs and go from there(i.e. If you were going to hit a lot of Race/gender affs, get good at some form of "X binary bad" or "viewing X oppression through X lens, it's rooted in the same episteme as whoever you're critiquing", etc) 


    If you do decide to go w/ framework, i'd advise practicing it against A.) Team members who are good at whatever you'd read framework against or B.) Bad (or at best decent) teams on your circuit, you don't want your first framework 2NR against a team good enough to get a bid.

    Naman Gupta where are you

  2. Neg isn't that hard in arkansas, payton. But he is right when he says reading a small aff is very advantagous. Only Greg Warren votes on T :/. We ended up going for some counterplans near the end of the year. They worked out pretty well. Generic DA's were honestly the way to go the majority of the time. They were simple that most judges could grasp. Dip Cap was like our shit novice year. 


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  3. Thanks to everyone above! So in the case of normalize trade relations, it would be legit to just lift the embargo and then use multilat as an adv. but what of there is no X group says they'll cooperate post-plan, just influence will be boosted

    The way Madi and Ragul framed that argument in our semis round was that doing the aff boosted US influence in existing multilateral organizations (UN). The aff itself didn't have any evidence saying country X would offer co-op, but rather US would be perceived in a better light allowing for more effective multilateral cooperation. 

  4. So I've been watching and (trying) flowing college rounds and I'm having a hard time flowing theory. I can get tags and stuff down without a problem, but when they get to Condo my flow just disappears. I usually can't get all of the standards down and I don't know where to put the theory on the flow, whether it be on the CP, K flow or on a separate piece of paper. Any suggestions? Thanks!

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  5. It is really contingent on the aff- can you give a more specific basis?


    Here are some common options

    1) framework- want them to defend a policy not an advocacy


    2) t- maybe their kritik of tje topicnis not in tje least big pertinent to the rez


    3) kritik it

    A) cap k- popular- plan helps cap/ affects capital and that is bad

    B] schmitt k- a team on my circuit likes to run this- the aff solves enmity and enmity is good

    - the more specific to the aff the better



    The best option is to either go hard right or hard left

    I think a couple of teams on the circuit are running K affs with the opening of US/Mexico border. The advantages are probably relating to race/gender

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