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    Naman Gupta where are you
  2. The Polar Oceans Fleet Aff released by HSS has a bioprospecting advantage--Could be useful
  3. Falcon Lord is that you?
  4. StormA03


    Why'd I get kicked from the dropbox?
  5. Is it encouraged/frowned upon to read new external impacts in the block for a disad read in the 1NC?
  6. Slow debate puts me to sleep
  7. StormA03

    Pirate Affirmative

    Xylum is working on a Pirates aff--I don't know whether they'll put it out on openev. I don't know how to attach it to a reply so just PM me if you want it.
  8. If they call for a RoB, PIK out of it bc RoB's are fascist
  9. No idea. I have a friend at the 6 week UTNIF and she said to bring both, so I would just to be safe
  10. Don't forget to bring paper to take notes on--lab leaders may/may not let you take notes on your laptop so it'd be best to bring paper just in case
  11. StormA03


    The way Madi and Ragul framed that argument in our semis round was that doing the aff boosted US influence in existing multilateral organizations (UN). The aff itself didn't have any evidence saying country X would offer co-op, but rather US would be perceived in a better light allowing for more effective multilateral cooperation.
  12. So I've been watching and (trying) flowing college rounds and I'm having a hard time flowing theory. I can get tags and stuff down without a problem, but when they get to Condo my flow just disappears. I usually can't get all of the standards down and I don't know where to put the theory on the flow, whether it be on the CP, K flow or on a separate piece of paper. Any suggestions? Thanks!
  13. Fairness isn't arbitrary? The judge has the ability to set a precedence as to what is/isn't fair and establish a bright line. The other team saying that fairness is arbitrary is the impact of the judge not setting a precedent.
  14. 1NC should take all off and most of case. The neg block should be compromised of extrapolation of the 1NC's arguments. (2N can have new case arguments)
  15. StormA03

    K Affs

    They're actually opening it
  16. StormA03

    K Affs

    I think a couple of teams on the circuit are running K affs with the opening of US/Mexico border. The advantages are probably relating to race/gender
  17. StormA03

    K Affs

    What are some effective neg strats against K affs? I don't really know how to answer them. Thanks!
  18. StormA03

    Cap K

    Can someone explain the gist of the Capitalism Kritik/How to run it as neg? Thanks!
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