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  1. Hey if you are or know who is competing at the National Catholic Forensics League Grand National Tournament please add their names to this spreadsheet. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1bSdqvmnY4uuXiUOeWWjBPvErFm5hlKsW6cTvOE9WXd0/edit?usp=sharing Thanks!
  2. http://www.nytimes.com/2015/03/20/nyregion/dante-de-blasio-mayors-fast-talking-son-is-a-new-debate-champion.html?partner=socialflow&smid=tw-nytmetro&_r=1 I'm not from the area but I found this interesting
  3. NonU

    Thursday Files

    So, Thursday files were talked about in the last update and where are they? Thanks in advance if one is posted sometime soon
  4. So I already posted a thread asking where I might find teams that qualified, but seeing as the list is nowhere to be found, I thought we could start the thread here. There is a list of all the schools that are attending but it doesnt say what schools have a policy entry or what teams specifically are attending. From the omaha diocese: Sioux Falls Washington Mckee Person Sioux Falls Washington Hauschildt Helm Sioux Falls O'Gorman Breske Boyum Post any and all you know please Thank you!
  5. Does anyone have a teams list of those competing at the NCFL national tournament in Chicago? Or when this list might be available?
  6. What kind of arguments might hip-hop bad include? Also, I do engage in switch side What does PICing out of performance sound like? And the aff is based off of an advocacy statement that gives gitmo back to cuba and releases detainees. We advocate for state action but wont defend fiat We can either play music or read a poem or two in the 1ac. Whatever we dont do in the 1ac I would hope to do in the 2ac if time permits. Thanks for the help so far!
  7. So I am prepping for some post nat quals/state stuff and am hoping we can run some more non-traditional arguments on the aff. My question is, what framework arguments should we prepare and how should we structure them We defend an advocacy statement and the advocacy is (mostly) topical. We also play music, and maybe poems, so what problems/arguments might that attract?
  8. NonU

    Affs you ran

    Embargo (both kritikal and policy) Renewables Microfinancing in mexico (specifically to help women) Give the poor people in mexico 3 lightbulbs and a solar panel, poverty impacts Cuba oil Maquiladoras Neolib aff (I ran one once and played a kick ass song but lost) Lesbian Seperatism Pussy riot (specific movement to help women in maquiladoras Gitmo, both kritikal and policy Venezuelan debt relief Create a marijuana market with mexico Venezuela oil
  9. NonU

    New affs

    So my NFL qualifying tournament is coming up this weekend, I was wondering for those of your that have already had yours, what new/squirrelly affirmatives and plan texts have you seen. Also any new DA's?
  10. some judges in my circuit will cut me off if I begin answering/asking questions for my partner (that being said I am a control freak)
  11. Yo check the gendered language.
  12. How kritikal is this camp compared to others, specifically in the midwest? How many labs are available in both camps and are they divided based on quality of debater/season accomplishment? What kind of financial aid is available?
  13. So in my state circuit, no one has ever run a K aff that is personal to them or is criticizing debate itself, and now there is. The K is lesbian separatism and they run it well, breaking at regional tournaments and tournaments like Dowling. One of our newer coaches on the team, who was a senior my novice year, says a good question to ask after a kritkal aff or a neg like feminism or lesbian separatism is "Would you be willing to concede the round in order to have a more meaningful discussion about _____?" I was wondering if this is a good idea as that if a team says no, my follow up is obviously "Why not?" when they inevitably say no and this exposes them as not actually trying to advance their movement but rather only trying to get a ballot. Also as a little bit of dislosure, I have only hit kritikal Juarez thrice and that lesbian case once and never saw a real K outside of cap until halfway through this, my sophomore, year.
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