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    Sydney Monteith
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    Silver Lake High School
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    I have debated for 2 years at Silver Lake High School under Gail Naylor and Michelle Taylor. I am going to state debate this year and competed in state forensics last year. I am going to the CFL National Tournament this year.
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    Store Clerk/Stock Boy, Janitor and Public Speaker for Kansas National Guard Teen Council
  1. Me: Lets prep policy so we can be ready for nats My Partner: I still need to get state qualled in forensics Me: NO ONE CARES?????.... i miss policy

  2. sooo... is this still going? because at the point to which it is at now, im liking this debate.
  3. Ill judge. Paradigm is simple: if you run it, link it, and do impact calc. I like t but it needs to be straight up... Other than that, run what ya want and ill follow
  4. With the arise of state, forensics starting, soo many drops from the tournament including judges and teams, it's too late to repair. I apologize to all teams who stayed as well as to their judges. Next year we will do this again but with hopefully a better result.
  5. Kind of. If you are listed as a bye, you are now competing in code G's spot. For example. Code d is listed as a bye round 1. Instead code d will be debating in code G's spot as aff.
  6. CHANGE TO THE DEBATERS SCHEDULE: All the byes will be replaced with code G. so if you had a bye for any round, you will be debating in code G's spot. Sorry for the change up.
  7. To find codes, check your pm inbox under team list
  8. not the debaters schedule, just the judges. were just adding him and me to squirrelloid's rounds
  9. CHANGE TO SCHEDULE: Squirrelloid has been made into a panel consisting of BanjoDude and AirmenSquid. This change will affect all rounds
  10. to be honest, were pretty set. however, i can go ahead and add ya in we can use more panels
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