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  1. tbradyfan


    How is it? It is my first time going there so just wanted to here about it?
  2. Advait is, Isabel isn't
  3. Atholton RS - underdogs are going to win it all.
  4. Senior you will miss most: Best judge: What Will said. Best coach: Marti Benham... duh. No question. Best squad/school: Creek Best team: Denver East SM Best novice team: Kent Denver KK Best aff team: Denver School of the Arts IH Best neg team: Denver East SM Best 1a: Salz Best 2a: Martens Best 1n: Lou Best 2n: Hoffman Best kritik debater: DSA pick whoever Best straight-up policy debater: Andrew Ying Best negative position: Nietzsche...isn't it obvi Best aff: Unnatural Disasters <3 Most untopical aff: Pirate Pedagogy Funniest offcase argument you heard: Hasty Generalization Funniest/worst Judge RFD: Don't care Most persuasive speaker: Salz Most helpful person: Drobb or Advait Ramanan Most hardworking debater: Anyone and everyone from creek Fastest debater: Yinggggggg Best debater overall: Salz The best team next year: Every. Single. Creek. Team. Squad to watch out for next year: ^^^ Funniest debater: Mac Most fun debater to judge/watch:Alex Martin Most improved debater: Will herbst Most improved team: Creek KY Most Underrated team:Denver east RW
  5. If anyone has some recent qualified cards on the above subject, that would be greatly appreciated!!! Thanks
  6. Anything specific about Heidegger's criticisms that you need? Or just any file
  7. I know at camp there was a team that ran a heidegger aff and whenever someone read framework against them they would either read or cross-apply stravrakakis on the framework flow. So this isn't really a policy specific card but you can make that argument that policy debate fw is utopian using the internals of the evidence
  8. I will trade heavily for one of these files !
  9. I think that the Gulli K he is looking for is about how heg doesn't exist and the impact is structural/racist violence.. Right Aquethys?
  10. Ok, then can anyone post any cards about how there is a definite world in which we live in?
  11. If anyone can post a few cards on this subject that would be greatly appreciated. If you have a file PM me and we can work out a trade! Thanks
  12. If anyone has a comprehensive/homecut (generic) internal link turns file, I will trade heavily Thanks
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