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  1. This sounds more like DnG than Baudrillard to me, especially considering GITS has been known to drop the occasional DnG Easter egg and the rhizome is spontaneous and lacks an intelligible starting/end point
  2. Payton


    Nietzsche. Perspectivism. God is dead.
  3. I think his argument was more along the lines of "your focus on fluid ontology ignores how identity is material and mapped onto certain bodies", it's not that you can't have discussions of fluidity, but that there is a material reality certain people face. It isn't so much a critique of the idea women may/may not have fluid ontologies, but claiming fluidity as a universal strategy isn't possible for some. This is also the argument many authors (I.E. Wilderson, Sexton, etc.) make against Deleuze("No line of flight for the slave")/Queer theory in general, whether or not I agree is secondary, but it is a common argument.
  4. Anyone have a queer theory file they're down to trade? PM me, I have a lot of stuff.
  5. Typically Barbrook 98 - Israel used DnG to promote militarism Wolin 6 - State doesn't care Sokal and bricmont - DnG use big words to keep from saying anything Generic micropolitics fail blocks and (as a result of the infamous Steven Murray file) "death is real" cards
  6. If you're confident in what your reading (I.e. Your cards are good[or you think they are], you know what you're talking about if pressed/have to think on the fly, the arch rival team can't pick apart your aff with a reasonable amount of prep [this kinda goes back to cards and knowledge thing, but it also means your backfile, and most likely, your 1ac should never be "done".AGAIN, YOUR BACKFILE IS NEVER DONE, I KNOW LOTS OF GOOD PEOPLE WHO ARE TOO LAZY TO CUT CARDS TO UPDATE THEIR BACKFILE SO THEY NEVER WIN AGAINST TEAMS WHO A.) UNDERSTAND THE AFF B.) ARE GUNNING FOR THEM OR, C.) ARE TRYING NEW STUFF AS WELL, PEOPLE WHO AREN'T AFRAID TO FAIL ARE V DANGEROUS CAUSE THEY'RE UNPREDICTABLE"] Also, this is only because your running a K aff, and a Baudrillard one at that, make sure your aff isn't just a collection of those cards from scribd and as a link to the topic you read the biosphere 2 card that people spin as eco-managerialism bad when Baudie is only talking about an actual place called biosphere 2. I'm not implying you're doing that, and you can definitely use some neg cards in the aff and vice versa, but it shouldn't just be a loose combination of cards you expect people to fuck up on because it's Baudrillard. Also, just because this post may seem semi-harsh, it is, but at the same time, I can relate, i didn't want teams to steal my cards, but then i thought about and bringing a new argument or a new spin on an old argument onto your local or the national circuit and having teams copy you is pretty cool IMO.
  7. Payton


    Definitely, thanks
  8. Payton


    Thanks, I've read it a few times, but it's always nice to see other people's methods
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