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  1. If the block strategy collapses to two kritiks, is it legitimate to read a separate role of the ballot on each flow?
  2. What books specifically and do you have any pdfs that could be useful?
  3. What literature would people recommend me reading on queer pessimism, futurism, becoming queer Deluze passages, etc.?
  4. If the 1AR doesn't have to flow/answer it, you probably shouldn't waste time on it in the 2NC.
  5. As of now my speaking drill schedule is extremely unorganized and random. Does anyone have a certain schedule that they use or a rotation of certain drills that they think is most effective?
  6. I definitely feel very novice for asking this, but could someone please explain presumption to me? I have asked multiple people but can't seem to wrap my head around their answers so if anyone has an easy way to explain it to me, I would be very appreciative. Thank you in advance.
  7. If my statement isn't factually correct, my bad, but giving me one successful debater from Northwestern and a result list from a tournament with no date doesn't exactly prove that their winning huge tournaments or that smaller schools or schools with less money are rising in the college debate community.
  8. "one of the unstated reasons for trying to set up policy-only debates is that once-dominant debate teams from colleges like Harvard and Northwestern are no longer winning the national competitions" I think that statement in the article was pretty on point. These coach's aren't mad because this style of debate is creating a so called "toxic climate" but because they are no longer able to win tournaments with their budget.
  9. JonasEvers


    Alec we don't need DnG if we're gonna go one off Schopenhauer every round.....
  10. This year I've mainly just flowed on paper but I definitely see some advantages to flowing on a computer. For people who do flow on their laptops how do you like it and how do you manage switching between flows and speech docs during your speech?
  11. It's just debate and school stuff.
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    Just yesterday, my computer began experiencing problems and now won't open certain files and turns off randomly so I've decided the time has come *sheds tear* for a new computer. I currently have a Dell Inspiron and I loved it. It was relatively cheap and a good first Laptop. However I do have quite a bit of money saved up so money most likely wont be an issue. Any suggestions? I'm leaning Mac book but thought I'd get some feedback before I pull the trigger.
  13. JonasEvers

    Kritik list

    CE Byrd also reads some others like Charity Cannibalism, Meatball Ontology, Vietnam Syndrome and a Drug War discourse K
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