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  1. i was just playing. in all honesty they screwed up their prefs, were sick before the tourney and didn't really have a coaching staff
  2. Ronak has another year of debate and Jonas has a full ride for college debate
  3. I'd be careful going for a school suspension impact turn. Seems like the amount of kids who get suspended are primarily minority populations.
  4. I believe you have 5 years of debate, but only 4 NDT's
  5. I doubt there's a limit, if there is it's four you can't debate forever regardless
  6. pretty sure any debate on any topic counts as a year, doesn't matter if you didn't compete at either CEDA/NDT. Granted, you only can attend 4 NDT's.
  7. jobas

    Best of Texas

    don't talk shit about Dash
  8. yes, I understand. That doesn't mean that their shell is good. Not saying it isn't, but if your ability to judge an argument is based on how a team (who for all I know is bad) responds to an argument, then buddy... your judgement is wrong
  9. Which tournament did he judge you at
  10. agreed. jobas couldn't answer a permutation if he tried
  11. jobas

    DnG Terms

    I'm not active on here anymore but you can email me at alecramsey23@gmail(dot)com and I'll get back to you in a couple of days
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