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  1. If you post a link of what you want, I can probably grab it for you
  2. I remember seeing some impact cards to plastic bags and how they're bad on C-X a while ago but can't find them anymore..anyone have them? or maybe it was paper towels..
  3. K's that would be able to be spun for a PF judge? Lol, sorry for not making that clear!
  4. What are some critiques that could link to a Carbon Tax plan? I was thinking Consumption, but there seems to be a fair amount of writing on how Carbon Tax would resolve that Your thoughts are appreciated
  5. Bump...anyone happen to find a fix?
  6. Now that State NSDA Quals is over, here are my two cents. Senior you will miss most: Dylan Salzman Best judges: (alphabetical) Lyn Davies, Steve LaRue, Jordan Moliver, Allan Nelsen, Gabe Rusk, Best coach: Martha Benham Best squad/school: Denver East Best team: Denver East SM Best novice team: Kent Denver KK, Cherry Creek SG Best aff team: Kent Denver GL Best neg team: Denver East SM Best 1a: Dylan Salzman Best 2a: Tyler Giallanza Best 1n: Tyler Giallanza, Addie Wilson Best 2n: Dylan Salzman Best kritik debater: Dylan Salzman Best straight-up policy debater: Hugh Grier Best negative position: Cosmic Lobster Critique Best aff: Hydrothermal Vents Most untopical aff: Every K Aff Funniest offcase argument you heard: Snakes Funniest/worst Judge RFD: Most persuasive speaker: Sirey Zhang Most helpful people: Dylan Robb, Jessica Jiang, Sarah Lim, Akash Gogate, Jordan Crawford, and the GDS Staff (Liam Hancock, Dave Weston, and Andrew Arsht) Most hardworking debater: Dylan Salzman Fastest debater: Dylan Salzman Best debater overall: Dylan Salzman The best team next year: Cherry Creek HR Squad to watch out for next year: Denver East ­– lotsa 6 week campers Funniest debater: Will Herbst Most fun debater to judge/watch: Poudre Squad Most improved debater: Will Herbst Most improved team: Denver East WR Most Underrated team: George Washington AC…broke at a ton of tournaments
  7. Pokemon

    TPA Uniqueness

    TPA will pass but PC key to overcome democratic oppositionChase 3/4 | Spencer Chase, < “Thune worried about TPA 'getting lost' in Capitol Hill shuffle,” March 4, 2015. http://www.agri-pulse.com/Thune-worried-about-TPA-getting-lost-in-Capitol-Hill-shuffle-03042015.asp. Accessed 3/5/15, Tyler> WASHINGTON, March 4, 2015 - As Republicans work to accomplish their legislative agenda, a party leader is worried that a key trade measure will be overtaken by other political goals. South Dakota Sen. John Thune, in a conference call with reporters, spoke about a number of legislative goals Republicans would like to accomplish in the near future such as overriding President Barack Obama's veto of the Keystone XL Pipeline Approval act (S.1). While the party's goals are important, he said opposition to Trade Promotion Authority (TPA), which would give the administration the ability to negotiate trade deals without further amendments from Congress, needs to be addressed with action, not conversation. “I'm concerned about (TPA) getting lost, because it's really important,” Thune said. “What I'm afraid is happening is although the president pays lip service to his support for trade, we're running into a lot of resistance right now from Democrats on Capitol Hill, some Republicans as well who, for various reasons, are now all of the sudden starting to oppose these trade deals.” The process would be greatly helped, Thune said, if Obama would stress the importance of TPA and trade agreements like the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) and the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (T-TIP) with members of his party. “We need presidential leadership,” Thune added. “We need the president up here working with members on his side of the aisle to persuade them that this is a good thing for our economy and for jobs. Even though we've heard him say that and we've heard members of his administration say that, we're not seeing any evidence that they're actually leaning into it and trying to get this done.”
  8. Representational Determinism?
  9. Hi everyone, My 2ACs to Ks aren't in the order link, implication, alt but sometimes the 2NC gets up and signposts that way: first the link debate, then the implication debate, then the alt debate - since my permutations might be points 1, 3, 8, and 15, and stuff about the implication might be interspersed as well, how do I flow this properly? (Obviously, it doesn't make sense to write their answers to the perm 4 times) Thanks in advance!
  10. Whoever gave Vermin this, I will trade for this please!
  11. http://openevidence.debatecoaches.org/ OTEC: http://openev.debatecoaches.org/bin/download/2014/Gonzaga/OTEC%20Affirmative%20Novice%20Version%20-%20Gonzaga%202014.docx
  12. Can anyone give some general tips on how to beat structural violence framing other than reading extinction first? Specifically, about affirmatives that say human rights come first (right to fresh water, etc.)? thanks in advance!
  13. Is the downloader for College Policy still working for people? I keep getting stuck on "waiting to download.." Thanks
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