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    Moldbug K?

    Probably because Moldbug hates black people http://www.inc.com/tess-townsend/why-it-matters-that-an-obscure-programming-conference-is-hosting-mencius-moldbug.html https://bitcoinmagazine.com/articles/urbit-the-bold-pitch-to-re-decentralize-the-internet-on-top-of-the-internet-1468257340/
  2. I know that I'm super behind the band wagon on this one, since OOO as a phase in debate seems to have gone away for the most part. However with that being said, I'm still trying to get a solid grasp on the thesis of OOO and how it relates to Morton's hyperobject and most importantly how irony is used. I've noticed that in the realm of OOO Morton in particular uses throws around the term irony like it's a football in white suburbia and I'm not exactly sure what irony is in this context. I guess a majority of this stems from Morton's description of art as hypocrisy (weakness and irony), and every time I try to consult external sources, they just end up using even more confusing terms to try to explain it. Any sort of explanation or help, or resources to help me understand terms like meta-irony, ecological irony, post modern irony, post irony etc would be greatly appreciated
  3. my partner discredited Allouche in 11 once by saying that his named sounded like "douche" and nobody trusts a douche.
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