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  1. Hi, does anyone have a NATO instability causes Nuclear war card? I need it for a politics impact. Thank you!!!
  2. omg at Alta i hit a zombies cp and da and me and partner never answered it we basically made up theory arguememnts w/o knowing theory and basically made an arguement in the 1ar and 2ar this cp is literally the definition of ratchet and we won lol judge hated them
  3. this was the round that we shouldve won but the 2nr was shit so we lost... the judge was alright i guess nothing bad he felt bad for us he said he wanted to vote for us but he couldnt just because of our 2nr which was horrible thanks to my super novice partner..................... if you want the whole 1ac pm me or give me ur email
  4. some weird embargo aff with ethanol heres the plan text: Plan: As they pertain to crude oil and sugar cane ethanol, the United States federal government should exempt United States firms from restrictions on exploring, extracting, refining, importing, or coordinating engineering and safety protocols with the Republic of Cuba.
  5. im Gulliver Prep im surprised you guys didnt hit any carollton teams there were prob like 10 lol me and my partner beat one of them on ASPEC they never answered it #novicedivision we also beat Marist or Marvist and they were pretty good it was a weird aff though....... Cuban Biofuels. i also hit some Woodward teams we lost against them once because of our 2nr it was really bad and the girl's computer broke and she gave her 2ac without any cards yet we still lost
  6. Are you guys novices? I was at UGA also.... What teams did you guys hit?
  7. Ok i actually like that strengthen embargo cp do you have the plan text for that? thanks or maybe the whole file lol
  8. I mean its novice debating so they could read condo but she doesnt really know theory that well.......... but does that 1nc sound fine?
  9. So would it be fine in the 1nc to have Gun Control CP Environment CP Cap K Appeasement DA Case
  10. But Can i run this gun control CP with the environment CP?
  11. i think i found it.. Is it any surprise that Fidel Castro encouraged Cubans to own guns at the beginning of his dictatorship, then forced citizens to register their weapons, then sent his troops to confiscate those guns? Last February, the Cuban government tested its armed citizens’ gullibility again [via cuba.foreignpolicyblogs.com]: Today, Cuba declared a two-month amnesty for unlicensed gun owners—an implicit acknowledgment of the presence of an illegal underground market in Cuba, since very few individuals beyond active military personnel and state security agents are legally allowed to even possess weapons. As the Associated Press reports: “Even most police officers are required to leave their pistols at the station or in a regional barracks when on vacation or leave, and young men participating in mandatory military service are given unloaded firearms for most exercises.†During this “exceptional and one-time only†two-month amnesty, gun owners who come forward and pass aptitude and psychological tests will be allowed to keep their weapons.
  12. I was looking at an environment conditions cp which has a biod da in the 2nc
  13. this also http://www.cnn.com/2013/07/16/world/panama-north-korean-ship/ Cuba sent guns to North korea to get repaired meaning they need guns
  14. would this be good for solvency? http://www.latinamericanstudies.org/cuban-rebels/4-3-58-embargo.htm The US sent guns to Cuba before the Embargo.... Also i can only run 1 CP right? Would i be able to run politics da or agriculture da or health care da with this cp?
  15. What is a solvency advocate?
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