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  1. cdolt

    Big affs

    Is the Find Atlantis Kritikal aff going to be like when we find atlantis we will be able to find ourselves type thing????? I feel like it could be that....
  2. How do you effectively answer this K? Wouldn't objectifying the K you run just fit into the criticisms it talks about?? I just dont want to lose to this......
  3. What about T - USFG? You have to do something with the USFG. Also T - its, yes it is legit, you have to have the USFG Do be the actor. I feel like T would be a major issue on this aff. Basically any T violaton that says you have to do something not just accept an agreement. Any Impact you try to get from this would be FX topical. Other than that it seems alright..
  4. cdolt

    Affs you ran

    Lol love dat gitmo..
  5. land transactions are economic engagement
  6. When It comes to Cuba affirmatives I would get one or two case specfic cards on Solvency so they don't call you out on having generic links. You can get this all on Open Evidence. Where I am Cuba seems to be the big issue rather than Mexico.
  7. cdolt

    Impact D

    Yea I got that its already pretty big. I got stuff for like Royal 10 and No chance of nuke war. I was thinking more different things. Thanks though I really was just looking for suggestions.
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