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  1. http://lbsbaltimore.com/why-you-shouldnt-send-your-black-and-brown-children-to-towson-university/ I hear a lot of kids telling me they want to apply to Towson, based upon a perception of what the school is based upon its history in debate. I'm here to relay the concerns of current and former students and to send one definitive message to high school debaters; all that Towson debate is, and was, was INSPITE of Towson University administration, not because of it. The previous coach had dangerous psychical outbursts of anger (throwing tubs), consistently verbally abused debaters, and made improper comments toward female debaters. The current director, his wife, continues to threaten debaters scholarship without warrant and creates a hostile learning environment for the students, who have shown incredible resilience in face of this constant threat of retribution for filing a threat incident report against their former coach. This is all under the guidance of a department chair who has shown clear dereliction of duty in neglecting repeated complaints and has shown open hostility to former and current member of the team. Given Towson's long patter of neglect and racial bias treatment toward debaters, I as a former college coach, current high school coach, and former competitor for Towson debate, can not in good conscious recommend any high school students come to this debate team under its current leadership, which is especially hostile to black and brown debaters. For those who feel the need contact Towson in response to this article, contact them at Phone: 410-704-2356 Email: presidentsoffice@towson.edu Thank You, Lawrence Grandpre
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