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  1. Figured it out, had to use coach's tabroom account not my personal one
  2. First time doing prefs. I have the list all ready. Where do I submit it on tabroom? Thanks~
  3. Pacifist

    Politics Update

    Team bought a copy, thank you!
  4. Just discovered it, will spend some time on there. Great for support file makers
  5. Can someone explain to me the counter monumentalism thing in this aff? http://openev.debatecoaches.org/bin/download/2014/UTNIF/Specters%20Affirmative%20-%20UTNIF%202014.docx Thanks~
  6. Pacifist


    I remember looking through aff files for the LA topic and looking through the site and seeing somebody's essays for kindergarten
  7. Pacifist

    Debate timer

    Pretty much every camp gets those timers with their logo on it
  8. What's with novices and running troll args?
  9. Surveillance confirmed http://www.speechanddebate.org/aspx/news.aspx?id=180
  10. What steam games do you play? Also teach me how to come up with neg strats against affs, I recently went from being a 2a to a 2n so I don't have much experience on the neg.
  11. Can someone explain how Kuaer is different from other queer studies?
  12. You answered the main part of what I needed clarification on, thanks!
  13. Ah okay thanks. On the meta debate question, should have worded it better, can you win theory debates with meta level analytics about the theory aspect of the arg?
  14. Whats the difference between advocacy statement and plantext? Whats post modernism specifically to debate? Can you win rounds solely on meta debate?
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