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  1. MBA gj broke at greehill as a freshman and sophomore so.... I may be a bit biased tho
  2. Same problem as with ks - its intrinsic Also if it doesn't actually attempt to commit genocide then it wont solve because just pretending wont cause any change - the holocaust proves that - no one gave a shit about the jews until a few million had died and your in a bad spot with that especially considering the lack o a solvency advocate. Also if the perm I said doesn't solve because it maintains status quo surveillance then that means in a world of the CP surveillance can never be curtailed which means the aff gets to rant about how bad surveillance is which isnt a great spot to be in
  3. Couple Problems with it aside from all the stuff above 1. The Krips card is about psychoanalysis so you will have to defend it being falsifiable etc at which point you might as well just read the K 2. Its not competitive as is "Perm: do the plan and prepare for the mass extermination of the American-Muslim population." would solve better 3. You dont have any plank that's like "say commit genocide but don't actually do it so a team that gets up and is like "fiat is durable you actually kill all the Muslims = gg
  4. Record gg Also there isn't a need for context 1. Modeling 2. Debate impcts are contrived? Whaatttt shocking revelations by usn here
  5. "We're as communist as it gets... Well, The communist part is actually negotiable but the plans popular I swear now I'm gonna impact turn the Da with the remaining 10 sdii da of the speech" That case Neg tho
  6. There isnt its a perfect aff... not that I'm biased or anything
  7. hahaha yeah but ya never know
  8. got sent down to JV... im kinda glad tho i was gonna get wrecked 1 off consult brazil every round?
  9. Here is my question... if x bill is going to pass now then cant you just say let it pass then pass the plan? Like yeah tf and stuff but like honestly there is no plan that's timeframe is a month or less
  10. someone needs to read dolphin malthus also, against an XO aff: T military: president is a military rank wikipedia 14 (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Commander-in-chief#United_States) United StatesAccording to Article II, Section 2, Clause I of the Constitution, the President of the United States is Commander-in-chief of the United States Armed Forces.
  11. I say its sketch cuz there was a study done by ucla (maybe?) and a few other schools that say that ocean fertilization is one of the worst strategies that's out there to solve warming... and ok thats cool for the other Also, do u know why the UN has a ban? That's probably some big DA ground right there
  12. Other than a sketchy warming advantage what would there be?... and yeah, can't fiat UN
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