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  1. This helped so much, thank you. Yeah, I realize that UIL is pretty BS especially when it comes to serious debaters but my coach only seems to want to go to UIL meets even though we're signed up for TFA. I previously debated policy at TFA (went to camp and everything) but partnership complications came up and I just went for LD. I'm curious though: What kind of cards do I cut for LD? What should I get myself acquainted with? Should I go get cards about different philosophers? I'm not sure how to prepare for LD. I already have a case written with extensions and a rebuttal overview and also theory shells. How do I go prepare for my opponent's affirmative/negative cases? Thanks in advance.
  2. Just an example i thought off the top of my head, lol.
  3. Texas UIL which is pretty conservative. However, we also have TFA which is part of NFL I think so it's pretty progressive.
  4. So I have recently switched from policy to LD (because our policy circuit ends rather quickly) and I have a few questions: Let's say your value was life and your criterion was citizen access to basic needs and the negative's value was quality of life and citizen enjoyment on entertainment. In a round, how would you attack the opponent's value/criterion? I'm confused on how you set up which is more important. Wouldn't telling your judge not to evaluate the other person's value/criteria be mooting their entire case? Are we supposed to come to a compromise in our value? If our opponent's case meets our criteria, what do we do then? If our value and criteria are the same, then do we only debate at the contention level? How would one go about running status quo theory and what other blocks of theory should I prepare for the UIL topic (RESOLVED: The influence of the media is detrimental to the American political process.)? What is a fiated case vs a policy-esque case? I hope you can answer my Q's.
  5. Hi, I'm interested in knowing how judging fees work. If you provide all the judges required of you do you still have to pay for the judging fee?
  6. Thanks for the replies! Yes it is my first ever tournament however I have done a camp tournament before (but we only used camp files, so yeah); on my second question I'm more of asking about how to attack on case for weird affs rather than off-case positions like T.
  7. Hi, I'm going to a TFA tournament in two days and it will be my first tournament. I'm unsure of which affs I should be prepped for and I'm unsure of how to debate affs that are small or rather random. Can someone give me a list and tips?
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