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  1. Yoo, I was on here a lot like two years ago but stopped judging at coaching in 2013 because of other prorities. What should I expect to be seeing in most rounds?
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    I'm currently working on my second wool beanie.
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    Wilderson presents a radical critique of nearly all Western social formations, and a lot of his works are very experimental (see Incognegro) however as an academic in America his methodology is inevitably going to be a "scientific" pedagogy rather than one that appeals to straight pathos. However Wilderson, like I said, doesn't like Western things, and studies which measure things to create the illusion that we are "objectively" improving the world with colonialism disguised as globalization disguised as altruism would probably be something he wouldn't be into. He's looking for a full on revolution man, not piecemeal reforms that let our current systems perpetuate. He also was a guerilla revolutionary in South Africa, so probably saw the benefits of Western medicine/ science first hand. Just my 2 cents I've never read him discuss these things. correct me if i'm wrong yo.
  4. this. especially when the impacts are oil spills. so non-unique. BP proves, that oil spill was the worst environmental catastrophe in recent memory and you know bad stuff happened but coral reef/ ocean ecosystem/ environmental collapse did not happen. I don't even think this is the core of the topic. It's so broad that the aff literally can run anything from fight drug war in venezuala, to remove floor on mexican tomatoes, to critical tear down the border, to remove cuba off terror list, to end cuban embargo, to THA's, to Zapatistas, and these are just the generics! God being neg on this topic is a fucking nightmare.
  5. ALL HAIL CE BYRD but you should have carded gucci mane and had an argument about organic intellectuals. (though he was referencing codeine fluid.)
  6. distracted me from football to lol for 30 seconds. Edit: but wait rly?
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    nathan_debate have you just given up...... I'm sorry but you have no real refutations to anything being said in response to you. you have nothing to offer to this other than new, sometimes wholly unrelated things. Also you really just have not invested enough time in this thread to defend some of the arguments your making in the face of freewayrickyross who has reached max quotes multiple times and is making a lot of very, very good arguments. I am so done with this it is causing me to eat my hat.
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    oh god no please just stop. this is not a good argument to make. have you been outside of your academic cloister lately? ===================================================================================== and "not to stack versus oppression" dude you just did................ do you know what enables people of color to live in states of desolate poverty that are "objectively worse" than the way they live within America's borders? oh yeah a little thing called American hegemony that loves to secretly send troops to the Congo in order for American corporations to have prime real estate to exploit their natural resources, in this case, the ultra-rare minerals used to make jets and smartphones. also in Latin America (i was writing an imperialism K but noone on my team wanted it:(, we have no k teams this year and it's sad. here was the intro... have fun if you can find utility with this article, it was going to be like a simple, reality based intro that gave the argument pathos until the inevitable 5 minutes of big words) "Alas poor Mexico so far from god, so close to the United States" Mexican President Porfirio Diaz spoke those words in 1910 and they are no less true now than they were a century ago. they fail to understand the historical and ideological currents which have caused centuries of American imperialist domination of it’s neighbor’s to the South. This goes beyond the expansion of neoliberalism since the 80s, or 20th century globalization, it goes back to a little speech president James Monroe gave in 1823 HALLINAN, 13 CONN HALLINAN, Conn M. Hallinan is a columnist for Foreign Policy In Focus, “A Think Tank Without Walls, and an independent journalist. He holds a PhD in Anthropology from the University of California, Berkeley. He oversaw the journalism program at the University of California at Santa Cruz for 23 years, and won the UCSC Alumni Association’s Distinguished Teaching Award, as well as UCSC’s Innovations in Teaching Award, and Excellence in Teaching Award. He was also a college provost at UCSC, and retired in 2004. He is a winner of a Project Censored “Real News Awardâ€, “The Shameful Legacy of the Monroe Doctrine; Militarizing Latin Americaâ€, Counterpunch.org, JANUARY 16, 2013, http://www.counterpunch.org/2013/01/16/militarizing-latin-america/ This past December marked the 190th anniversary of the Monroe Doctrine, the 1823 policy declaration by President James Monroe that essentially made Latin America the exclusive reserve of the United States. And if anyone has any doubts about what lay at the heart of that Doctrine, consider that since 1843 the U.S. has intervened in Mexico, Argentina, Chile, Haiti, Nicaragua, Panama, Cuba, Puerto Rico, Honduras, the Dominican Republic, Guatemala, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Uruguay, Granada, Bolivia, and Venezuela. In the case of Nicaragua, nine times, and Honduras, eight. And Teddy Roosevelt's subsequent corollary to the Monroe Doctrine which established Team America World Police. This is Roosevelt in 1904 Theodore Roosevelt's Annual Message to Congress for 1904; House Records HR 58A-K2; Records of the U.S. House of Representatives; Record Group 233; Center for Legislative Archives; National Archives. http://www.ourdocuments.gov/doc.php?flash=true&doc=56 To keep other powers out and ensure financial solvency, President Theodore Roosevelt issued his corollary. "Chronic wrongdoing . . . may in America, as elsewhere, ultimately require intervention by some civilized nation," he announced in his annual message to Congress in December 1904, "and in the Western Hemisphere the adherence of the United States to the Monroe Doctrine may force the United States, however reluctantly, in flagrant cases of such wrongdoing or impotence, to the exercise of an international police power." Status Quo American foreign policy in Latin America is that of militarization, political manipulation, and economic imperialism. HALLINAN, 13 CONN HALLINAN, Conn M. Hallinan is a columnist for Foreign Policy In Focus, “A Think Tank Without Walls, and an independent journalist. He holds a PhD in Anthropology from the University of California, Berkeley. He oversaw the journalism program at the University of California at Santa Cruz for 23 years, and won the UCSC Alumni Association’s Distinguished Teaching Award, as well as UCSC’s Innovations in Teaching Award, and Excellence in Teaching Award. He was also a college provost at UCSC, and retired in 2004. He is a winner of a Project Censored “Real News Awardâ€, “The Shameful Legacy of the Monroe Doctrine; Militarizing Latin Americaâ€, Counterpunch.org, JANUARY 16, 2013, http://www.counterpunch.org/2013/01/16/militarizing-latin-america/ As it has in Africa and Asia, the Obama administration has militarized its foreign policy vis-à -vis Latin America. Washington has spread a network of bases from Central America to Argentina. Colombia now has seven major bases, and there are U.S. military installations in Honduras, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Guatemala, Panama, and Belize. The newly reactivated Fifth Fleet prowls the South Atlantic. Marines are in Guatemala chasing drug dealers. Special Forces are in Honduras and Colombia. What are their missions? How many are there? We don’t know because much of this deployment i[t]s obscured by the cloak of “national security.†The military buildup is coupled with a disturbing tolerance for coups. When the Honduran military and elites overthrew President Manuel Zelaya in 2009, rather than condemning the ouster, the Obama administration lobbied—albeit largely unsuccessfully—for Latin American nations to recognize the illegally installed government. The White House was also silent about the attempted coup against leftist Rafael Correa in Ecuador the following year, and has refused to condemn the “parliamentary†coup against the progressive president of Paraguay, Fernando Lugo, the so-called “Red Bishopâ€. Dark memories of American engineered and supported coups against governments in Brazil, Argentina, Chile and Guatemala are hardly forgotten on the continent, as a recent comment by Argentine economics minister Hernan Lorenzino made clear. Calling a U.S. Appeals Court ruling that Buenos Aires should pay $1.3 billion in damages to two “vulture fund†creditors “legal colonialism,†the minister said “All we need now is for [Appeals Court Judge Thomas] Griesa to send us the Fifth Fleet.†Much of this military buildup takes place behind the rhetoric of the war on drugs, but a glance at the placement of bases in Colombia suggests that the protection of oil pipelines has more to do with the marching orders of U.S. Special Forces than drug[s]-dealers. Plan Col0mbia, which has already cost close to $4 billion, was conceived and lobbied for by the Los Angeles-based oil and gas company, Occidental Petroleum. Colombia currently has five million displaced people, the most in the world. It is also a very dangerous place if you happen to be a trade unionist, in spite of the fact that Bogota is supposed to have instituted a Labor Action Plan (LAP) as part of the Free Trade Agreement (FTA) with Washington. But since the Obama administration said the Colombian government was in compliance with LAP, the attacks have actually increased. “What happened since then [the U.S. compliance statement] is a surge in reprisals against almost all trade unions and labor activists that really believed in the Labor Action Plan,†says Gimena Sanchez-Garzoli of the Latin American watchdog organization, WOLA. Human Rights Watch reached a similar conclusion. The drug war has been an unmitigated disaster, as an increasing number of Latin American leaders are concluding. At least 100,000 people have been killed or disappeared in Mexico alone, and the drug trade is corrupting governments, militaries and police forces from Bolivia to the U.S. border. And lest we think this is a Latin American problem, several Texas law enforcement officers were recently indicted for aiding and abetting the movement of drugs from Mexico to the U.S. ================================================================================================== "* Population explosion to some extent certainly distort stats on both sides (ie in a world of greater population--more people are probably going to be in prison)." okay, are you just trolling us now? http://www.slate.com/articles/news_and_politics/jurisprudence/2009/02/reform_school.html "After barely budging for 50 years, our incarceration rate increased sevenfold (to 738 per 100,000 people) between 1978 and 2008." has the US increased sevenfold in total population? no. i'd just dump a bunch of cards here but it's not even worth it your argument was so weak. =========================================================================== finally just finding places where people are more oppressed doesn't let your prior arguments hold more water.
  9. mowl


    Look, have you ever been to prison/ jail? or know anyone whose been to prison/ jail? Prison is one of the most terrifying and dehumanizing places within our country. There are no whippings by guards but let me just give you an explanation of what prison is like and just how similar it is too slavery. 1. PRISON AND JAIL ARE LITERALLY A PANOPTICON You don't know when, but you know the guards always have the ability to watch/listen to you every action. This is a very, very uncomfortable feeling. It's like the feeling you get when someone is staring at you, but constantly. Also prisoners are privy to searches randomly and have NO sense of privacy, guards can look into your cell with cameras, and many in many jails and prisons individual cells have voice boxes inside of them that allow guards to constantly hear conversation among cellmates. I'd like to say it's a crisis of ontology but you would probably be like "stfu k hack." This is like modern day slavery in comparison, if plantation owners had the technological ability they would do this and in many cases rewarded slaves or specifically asked "house slaves" or "loyal slaves" to keep watch over other slaves to prevent revolt and/ or keep working efficiency at the maximum. 2. PRISON DIVIDES INMATES ON RACIAL LINES AND THE GUARDS ARE TOTALLY COOL WITH THIS AND IN MANY PLACES ENCOURAGE THIS, THERE ARE ALSO RACE WARS WITHIN PRISON WALLS. 'nuff said. prison is an easy way to spur racial antagonisms as inmates of any color get out, allowing for more de facto segregation especially in poor areas where prisoners are socially encrypted and also in positions where they sometimes, but not always, must commit the illegal acts that end them in prison. Do you really think that White prisoners come out like "I love black people let me move to the rural "Black Belt" across the Southeast where many people of color literally STILL LIVE LIKE SHARECROPPERS, in many cases without running water, or electricity, but of course you don't know shit about that. ugh sorry i'm letting my emotions get the best of me let me calm down quickly. 3. "that's called justice" really? like really? do you understand the social formations and policing practices that allow these things to occur? have you even read the basic statistical breakdown of prisoners, or even heard what the prison industrial complex is? I dropped three cards i ran earlier but i guess missed them. PRIVATE PRISONS want the maximum number of people enslaved, for the maximum amount of time, so they get that 40K per head from the government, and so they can have those prisoners work in manufacturing and agricultural for probably 1/40th than anyone who has a union job in those areas, hell I'll make the argument that this cheap labor has probably taken a hit out of the number of those employed in union manufacturing or agriculture, causing more poverty and enabling areas for more crime simply for financial need, frustration or pure hopelessness. and the cycle continues...... Once again please read this, it isn't a pedantic K card, it is statistics. Cole, retired detective in narcotics in Jersey, in 2k10 Jack A. Cole, executive director of Law Enforcement Against Prohibition, retired detective lieutenant—26 years with the New Jersey State Police and 14 in their Narcotic Bureau, “Why End Drug Prohibition? Stops Racism, Ends Violenceâ€, Prison Movement, August 27, 2010, http://prisonmovement.wordpress.com/2010/08/27/why-end-drug-prohibition-stops-racism-ends-violence/ According to the 1998 Federal Household Survey: Whites constitute 72% of all drug users in the U.S. Blacks constitute 13.5% of all drug users in the U.S. But 37% of those arrested for drug violations are Black. Over 42% of those in federal prisons for drug violations are black. African-Americans comprise almost 60% of those in state prisons for drug felonies.[1] According to U.S. Bureau of Justice Statistics: Of convicted defendants, 33% of whites received a prison sentence and 51% of African-Americans received prison sentences. In New York State prisons Nine in 10 of the 19,000 people serving mandatory sentences for drug offenses are Black or Brown[.] According to the FBI Uniform Crime Report, a young couple giving birth to a Black male baby today has an expectancy of one-in-three that their child will serve time in prison Disenfranchisement: Due to the fact that many state laws say no one convicted of a felony can vote, the fact that nearly all drug violations are felonies, and the fact that for drug felonies we arrest seven times as many black men per capita as white men, 14% of the total voting population of black men in the U.S. have lost their right to vote — In Texas 31% of black men have lost their voting rights.[2] Racism drives the war on drugs. The estimated population of males 18-years-old and above in the US in 2008 was 113,215,601. Of that number the white population was 90,798,912, the Hispanic population was 16,303,046, and the black population was 14,491,5972008 the number of those in prison by race were: Whites = 856,593 or 0.9% of that population; Hispanics = 451,862 or 2.8% of that population; Blacks = 966,106 or 6.6% of that population. That means blacks in the US are being imprisoned at 7‑times the rate that whites are being imprisoned.[3] Another way at looking at this issue is in 1993, under the most racist regime in modern history, South Africa’s Apartheid Law, 851 black men were imprisoned per 100,000 population.[4] In 2008 under the United States’ Drug Prohibition Law we imprisoned males 18-years-old and above per 100,000 population at rates by race of: 943 white men, 2,777 Hispanic men, and 6,666 black men.[5] Remember that blacks are only 13% of the problem. Although it is true that the U.S. imprisons more than twice as many Hispanic men per capita as we imprison white men, that statistic actually hides an even worse problem. Today police are monitored rather closely to determine if they are conducting racial profiling stops. By definition racial profiling stops are initiated by an officer because the driver of the suspect vehicle is a dark-skinned person. But most police departments give their officers a choice of three items to mark for this demographic; “Black,†“White,†and “Hispanic.†An officer who tends to stop dark-skinned people is very happy for the designation of Hispanic. If officers can say the people they stop are “Hispanic,†they do not have to record the race category as black or white. I suspect that if we could divide the list of Hispanic men imprisoned into two groups—identified as white or black—we would discover that the blacks in the Hispanic category also vastly outnumber the whites in the Hispanic category. Drug prohibition is an effective tool used by the United States’ prison industrial complex to maintain the largest per capita rate of incarcerations in the world. There are more black men in US prisons today than there were slaves in 1840[6] and they are being used for the same purpose; working for private corporations at 16 to 20 cents an hour. Now we are creating private prisons for profit and the owners of those prisons have banded together to hire lobbyists to go to Washington and demand longer mandatory-minimum prison sentences. Prisons for profit do not belong in a democratic society. The [a] June 2010 study “Targeting Blacks for Marijuana: Possession Arrests of African Americans in California, 2004-08,†proves that this institutional racism also exists in our war against marijuana users. The report shows African Americans are arrested for marijuana possession at double, triple or even quadruple the rate of whites—even though the U.S. government studies consistently find that per capita rates of marijuana use is lower among young blacks than young whites.[ I'm not saying your a racist, I'm trying to get you to open your eyes to what really goes on in our current prison/ jail system, IT IS NOT JUST. at all. like really at all, so don't say it's called justice for people to work essentially as slaves. Perhaps this is just a long, emotion-fueled rant, but if you continue to do your research you will see just how similar, but not identical, to slavery prisons are/ prison is.
  10. THE SAUCE K THANK ME LATER IT'S AMAZING SO EFFING UNBEATABLE OH YEAH CLICK THE LINK AND WATCH THE VIDEO, TROLL YOU WILL APPRECIATE THIS. WITHOUT SAUCE YOU ARE IN A STATE OF ONTOLOGICAL DAMNATION BECAUSE WITHOUT SAUCE YOU ARE LOST. WE HAVE ACQUIRED SAUCE BUT ARE NOT LOST IN THE SAUCE. THEY CLEARLY HAVE NO SAUCE. DON’T VOTE FOR ANY OF THEIR ARGUMENTS UNLESS THEY ACQUIRE SAUCE BECAUSE THEY ARE LOST. THE ALT IS TO GIVE THEM SAUCE, SOLVES THEIR ONTOLOGICAL DAMNATION. THIS OUTWEIGHS POLICY ARGUMENTS. GO HOME. OVADOSE OF SAUCE. GUCCI MANE 12 GUCCI MANE, ENTERPRENEUR, MULTIMILLIONAIRE, CULTURAL ICON, OWNER OF A RECORD LABEL, AN O.G., Interview with Wilbert Cooper for Noisey/ Vice. http://noisey.vice.com/noisey-raps/waka-flocka-flame-and-gucci-mane-get-wilbert-cooper-too-turnt-up Wilbert: "so how does a motherfucker stay fresh man?" Gucci: "You gotta keep some money in ya pocket and, man, you gotta have a little swag, cause money can't buy flavor." Wilbert: "Is it hard to stay fresh when you don't have money or can you still pull it off?" Gucci: "See when I ain't had no money i still had sauce" W: "mm hmmm" G: "See then when you don't have sauce, [hilarious gucci mannerism], you lost, but you can also get lost in the sauce. W: "How you gonna get lost in the sauce" G: See a bish, mane, is gonna get lost in the sauce, mane. Y'know what i'm sayin'? W[who clearly has no idea what gucci is talking about]: "I know what you sayin man." G: "See I'm sprinkling sauce, droppin sauce, everywhere than we sweet mane." W: "right, right" G: N'ah'd I mean?" W: "I dig it man" G: "OVADOSE OF SAUCE" W: "hahaha that's what it is" G: "(not remotely transcribable)" W: "when your born can you be born with sauce? or do you acquire the sauce?" G: "HELL NAH YOU CAN'T BE BORN WITH SAUCE!! can't be born with seizures. I was born with out this sauce, I had to acquire this sauce."
  12. TACOS MADE ME LOL. THIS DIDN'T. BOO GO HOME PJORDS BOOO OFFICER TOM FOR POLICE COMMISSIONER AND COPERATOR 4 LYFE MOST STRATEGIC STRAIGHT TURN I'VE SEEN ON THIS TOPIC: REJECT ANY PLAN ACTION THAT REQUIRES THE SIGNATURE OF BARACK HUSSEIN OBAMA AS A REJECTION OF THE ANTICHRIST. OBAMA IS THE ANTICHRIST, THE EVIDENCE IS UNDENIABLE AND NOTHING ABOUT THIS IS RACIST. FINAL SHOWDOWN BETWEEN GOOD AND EVIL IS HAPPENING RIGHT NOW, WHICH SIDE DO YOU CHOOSE? THE OAO in 10 ObamaAntichrist.org, “Obama Antichrist Evidenceâ€, September 9, 2010, http://www.obamaantichrist.org/obama-antichrist-evidence/ Who is Barack Hussein Obama? What do we actually know about him? Is he merely just another politician or is there more to Obama? Certainly it’s hard to think of someone in recent history who has been better able to capture the hope and imagination of Americans all across the country. He ran his campaign on the ideas of hope and change but is that really what he’s offering? He hypnotized millions with his oratory and convinced the rest with vague promises. He is universally loved and admired. His followers refer to him as the one, the elect, and the savior but the fact of the matter is President Barack Hussein Obama is a demon sent from hell to extinguish the last remnants of virtue from the face of the earth. Barack Hussein Obama is the Antichrist. People have claimed the existence of an Antichrist at different times in history but never before has the evidence been so concrete, logical and undeniable as it is with the case of Barack Obama. Obama rose through the ranks of American politics seemingly out of nowhere. He gained a passionate following all over the world. A following that clings to every vague promise and political bromide he so eloquently spews from his demonic tongue. The book of Revelation describes this exactly. It says that the Antichrist will rise from obscurity, speak boastfully and be worshiped by millions. The Obama Antichrist evidence is clear. Barack Obama was raised by atheists and Muslims and gained his name in politics in the city of Chicago, a city teeming with scum, villainy and corruption. He claims to have discovered Christianity in his adult life but I would ask you to check that claim. He is a phony Christian and is in fact an aggressive supporter of murdering unborn children. Obama speaks of Christianity while openly rejecting the teachings of the Christ and the Bible. “Beware of false prophets,†warns the bible, “they come to you in sheep’s clothing, but inwardly they are ferocious as wolves.†This quote has never been more relevant to humanity and perfectly describes Obama. He seduced the people with his slick, polished speeches, wearing out the saints with his eloquent blasphemy. Modern America faces a choice—freedom or enslavement, virtue or evil, Jesus or Satan. America will be the battleground for the greatest philosophical war ever waged: The final showdown between virtue and hedonism. Which side will you choose?
  13. interesting, i think in college this gets better. what are you running and how do they try to outleft you? k vs. k debate can be kinda vacuous "we come first" "no we come first".
  14. prewritten out overviews/ extensions make your life easier
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