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  1. Any compelling theory arguments on why international fiat should be allowed?
  2. Unless you can win that "economic engagement" is "military engagement" you're going to be crushed on Topicality.
  3. Western Imperialism Good Seriously though, you should answer with Framework. Also on sheer policy you should say that that level of backtracking just isn't practically possible; our entire infrastructure would be destroyed and we would be screwing over people that live on that land now when they didn't really do anything wrong. We would be disadvantaging more people than we benefit.
  4. If this is the disad I'm familiar with, then it's predicated on the idea that China and US relations in Latin America are zero sum, meaning that the success of one will mean the failure of the other. If so, there's a lot of evidence out there (global times 13 from the JDI Embargo Aff) that says that both countries don't want to challenge each other's influence. You can also attack uniqueness by having evidence that we are engaging with Latin America now. Also most links for these are shaky because they usually reference all of Latin America, and you might be able to win the argument that the non-specificity of the evidence they read means that your plan doesn't link to the impact.
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