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  1. pronk

    Transhumanism K

    This kritik was mentioned on the kritik list and I would like to know the thesis and what literature I should read to write this.
  2. pronk

    Red Spread

    I already looked in open evidence I couldn't find it Does anyone have the DA I will trade?
  3. pronk

    Red Spread

    I don not care when the evidence was made I just want the evidence
  4. I am just looking for a red spread DA so that I an observe it, I have never seen one.
  5. I can't get to the 2ac to read it. Could you please fix it?
  6. I have the SHITS uhhh. Too much cap K in one round... never... again... *squeeze* *plop* (SolvencyHarmsInherencyTopicalitySignifigance)
  7. I heard some one mention the idea of exploring the Mariana trench also *cough SPACE ELEVATORS 2014 cough*, but honestly I also heard or iron fertilization of the ocean. You could write Seasteading as well. I don't see the difference between a novice aff and a varsity aff besides size so...
  8. *cough* *cough* SPACE ELEVATORS 2014 *cough*...
  9. I don't know if I have to register somewhere or if I am breaking any rules, however I would love to judge. Just tell me yes or nah, just in the case that you say yes my paradigms are: I enjoy being told how to vote so voter in the rebuttals are nice, but I won't vote you down just because you don't give voters. I vote on who wins the flow, not on what I personally believe is correct that being said I am a Tab judge for the most part. I am fine when it comes to most kritikal arguments, but supply some king of explanation and impact it out. I am fine with everything pretty much, but I am not going to debate for you don't allow me to come to my own conclusions, because I won't. Imagine that I am an alien that can speak your language your first step is to supply me with the knowledge and your second step is to tell me how to use this knowledge(in this case to vote for you). I am fine with the aff as well.
  10. pronk

    Kritik list

    If the list is pretty then does it not have aesthetic value?
  11. pronk

    Kritik list

    I'm not sure if there is a true thread for this, but oh well. I am recently getting more into K debate and would like to see if the community knows of any K's I don't here is my list... Security Imperialism Colonialism Baudrillard Nietzsche Fear of Death Objectivism Fem K Wilderson Queer K Ableism Coercion K Anthro K DnG K Heidegger Schmitt Cap K Lacan If you can think of any K's I did not least please list them along with a description
  12. Either Or I am writing a kritikal affirmative for next years topic and it is based on using objectivist discourse to solve. I already have cards cut (from Rand) saying discourse is real, and that for reality or the concrete to exist there must first be abstract discourse, but now I just need either or.
  13. I am looking for a card about discourse solving in general or objectivist discourse discourse solves*not sure if it exists) or something about how objectivism solves.
  14. Why don't we create a system where both participants in said trade put their files(viewable, but not downloadable by a moderator) into a program or device of sorts allow for moderator review and then trade?
  15. pronk

    Fun Aff help

    The Cuba Zombies aff is hilarious, I love it
  16. pronk

    Affs you ran

    I ran Cuba travel embargo and then acta that one time(that was a bad round(the lay judge thought I was cocky (so we got voted down))).
  17. pronk

    Fem K reading

    Thanks for all that contributed I have what I need
  18. pronk

    Oceans Ks

    I have finished writing an amazing development PIK. I am thinking development will be more important than exploration since exploration is bit less specific of what you have to be doing as long as you have a plan mechanism and a location to explore. I can expect some butt hurt teams after I run this K.
  19. I have always thought that the roles of the better debater are 1nc and 2ac however I may be wrong. As far as I understand the 1nc is in charge of what needs to be ran and how to answer the affirmative(even though the 2nr is a hard speech). As for the 2ac they have to be more knowledgeable of the affirmative as they will be explaining rather than reading cards.
  20. I believe (not entirely sure) that what the Atlantis aff is saying is that we must keep looking for Atlantis, because it gives humans hope and something to believe in i.e. the journey not the destination. I would assume as the affirmative you would admit(or at least could admit) that Atlantis will never be found. Another advantage could be the discoveries we make on the path to finding Atlantis.
  21. pronk

    Fem K reading

    right now I am looking for books that will give me patriarchal impacts, on the other hand does anyone have a copy of Gendering Global Conflict by Laura Sjoberg (.pdf would be preferable)?
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