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  1. Massumi is pretty good on this: "The space of nomad thought is qualitatively different from State space...State space is 'striated', or gridded. Movement in it is confined as by gravity to a horizontal plane, and limited by the order of that plane to preset paths between fixed and identifiable points. Nomad space is 'smooth', or open-ended. One can rise up at any point and move to any other. Its mode of distribution is the nomos: arraying oneself in an open space... as opposed to the logos of entrenching oneself in a closed space" Hope this helps ,
  2. http://www.amazon.com/Marine-Friedrich-Nietzsche-European-Perspectives/dp/0231070837/ref=la_B000APIT44_1_4?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1397790860&sr=1-4 "Marine Lover of Nietzsche", by Luce Irigaray I found this while looking at something unrelated- not a fem guy myself, but it looks interesting. Also, as indicated by the name, big A2 Nietzsche. Basically a feminist interrogation of Nietzsche from the point of view of water. Haven't found an online copy yet.
  3. Not to get involved in this heated FX T debate, but I think ratifying the Law of the Sea might be a big aff next year.
  4. Oh yeah! One more question. Would you know how lax they are in awarding financial aid, and how much they typically offer?
  5. The campus is pretty gorgeous, and they do a great job circulating lab locations so you get the full campus tour experience (underneath some pretty sweet shade I may add).
  6. On the whole, last year's sophomore select campers saw less improvement and less success (at least from the perspective of the rest of us) than those who were in skills or TRI. UTNIF skills is pretty well known for its success with rising sophomores, and if you do attend, don't be discouraged if you end up in bottom lab (those are the debaters that saw the most improvement in my mind).
  7. Anybody have LASA's aff or know enough about it? PM me.
  8. Thanks. Could you explain to me why the 4-week camp is so inferior to the 6-week?
  9. Okay, I'm a rising junior out of Texas I've qualled for both TFA and UIL state, and I'm really looking for a place that will get me to outrounds of state, ToC, etc. At this point I'm pretty much set to go to Northwestern anyway, but I wanna know what to expect. I've heard NHSI is pretty policy focused- exactly how policy focused. Also, I wanna know what they mean by field trips. Just a rundown of the Northwestern Camp experience would be great. It's obviously not too late to change my mind, so if you have any suggestions as to a better 4-week camp would be, that would be cool. Also, what are the rising junior lab leaders like this year? Thanks guys
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